Selection procedure

You’ve made your decision to apply to ITP (International Talent Program) in hopes of becoming an ING Luxembourg management trainee. That’s not a bad idea!

Every year, a large number of candidates apply to the program, but the number of positions on offer is limited (between 3 and 6 per year). As such, it is very important to prepare for the selection process.

Selecting your track

You can deposit your job application on our website You have to choose a track (Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, Finance, Risk or IT) and apply by uploading all required documents. For a given year, there could be a number of different positions for one track or none at all


I’m not entirely sure which track to choose; is the choice final?
It is compulsory to select a track during the application process, but, don’t worry, if your profile is suitable for more than one track, our recruiters will take this into account and analyse the different possibilities.

Selection on the basis of your documents

Your job application will be analysed by our Human Resources department. Your education, your professional experience, your knowledge of the financial world, your internships, your language skills, etc. are all criteria taken into account and tested against the ITP selection criteria. Your profile is interesting, go straight to step 3


What language should my application be in?
In short: English! Due to the international nature of this program and the numerous training programs based in Amsterdam, we request that all applications be provided in English

Selection on the basis of tests

You will be contacted by our HR department which will invite you to take a number of tests on the internet. You will be given a few days to take a logic test, a language test, a numerical tests, and a personality test. The results will then be analysed and only the best profiles will be selected for the continuation of the process. Yours is among the best!


I’ve been told that the tests are difficult; how best to prepare?
There are a number of exercises on the internet that help to prepare for these kinds of tests. However, the best tip we can offer is that time management is key to getting the best results. After every test, take a break. And don’t forget to read the instructions for every exercise carefully

Selection on the basis of HR interview

The person responsible for the program and the Account Manager of the track in question will receive you for an interview about your profile. The main points of discussion will be your different professional experiences, what makes you attractive to ING and for the program, but also your biggest positive points and what you need to improve on. The results of your personality test will also be discussed


I do not feel comfortable taking a personality test. Could it be detrimental to me?
Be reassured that these tests are only designed to reveal your professional personality. There are no right or wrong responses. The evaluation is based on 15 character traits. The candidates’ answers will be put on a scale between two different aspects of one personality trait. It’s up to you to prove or disprove the given results through concrete examples

Selection on the basis of service interview

Alongside the HR interview, you will be given the opportunity to meet two top managers from the chosen track. This interview will focus mainly on your knowledge of the financial world, your motivations, and your justification for your choice of track. Departmental managers will present their departments and their department’s goals to you


I’ve never worked at a bank; do I still have a chance?
It goes without saying that having experience in banking (professional experience/ internships, etc.) will be considered a plus in the recruitment process. It is not, however, compulsory. Every internship or professional experience allows us to put together a clearer profile for you and your motivations. It is up to you to show what you have to offer!

Final selection

For you, the process is done. The final decision lies in the hands of the people you met with. The results of the various steps will be analysed. Depending on the number of candidates still in the running, this process could be quite long. If your profile is selected, you will be contacted by HR with an offer for the position!

Congratulations and welcome to ITP!

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