Women in Tech

Game-Changers in ING Hubs Philippines’ WB Tech Team

More and more, we see stories of women who challenge gender norms, empowering and inspiring other women to break ground in technology and other traditionally male fields. In the spirit of International Women’s Month, we, at ING Hubs Philippines, present these remarkable stories of talented women from our Wholesale Banking Technology team.

PHI - Maria Christina Aguilar

Maria Christina Aguilar

Tina, a DevOps Engineer, once aspired to become a doctor – she genuinely enjoyed studying parasites and viruses and how to beat them with medicine. However, her course of study proved financially difficult, and as her family’s business faced bankruptcy, Tina’s decided to make some life changes.

“All I could think of was how I could help my parents recover what we’d lost. I immediately looked for jobs, but I kept failing interviews and couldn’t find anything. Eventually, I landed a job at Starbucks. Being a barista was fun, but it wasn’t enough, and I had to resign after a year.

One day, I tried applying for a health representative role in a BPO company. I failed the final interview, but they called me back a few days after and offered me a technical support role instead. The beginning was scary, because I didn’t have a degree in IT, but I took the opportunity anyway. I passed the technical assessment and panel interviews and I got my first job in the tech industry. I was so happy!

As the days passed, I found myself enjoying doing technical jobs, more and more. I received commendations from my clients and that gave me a great sense of fulfillment and I knew that – with God’s grace - I was on the right path.”

What is it like to be a woman in tech here at ING Hubs Philippines?

Working in tech requires a lot of dedication, and like with any other field it’s important to find your passion and do fulfilling work. I never experienced any kind of gender bias or discrimination here at ING and we have so many great female leaders and engineers to look up to.

Also, regardless of gender, we all just live by the same Orange Code right?

  • We take it and make it happen
  • We help others to be successful
  • We’re always a step ahead

So, a really big shout out to our leaders Peter, Eleah, and Claire for opening the doors for me and so many others in WB Tech.

Your message for young women and professionals who are interested in a tech career

In my tech journey I have learned that limitations only exist in my mind. It’s all about breaking through the discomfort and the mental barriers. Put in the effort, dedicate yourself, and work toward your goal.


PHI - Ma Ronalyn Umali

Ma. Ronalyn Umali

“I graduated college with a Commerce degree, and while I did have plenty of strong female role models in the academy, I must admit that I was not quite sure that Commerce was the path for me. People would ask, how did you end up in tech, when your line of study was completely different?

Well, it was a time of tech emergence, and I was drawn to the exciting possibilities that technology had to offer - the hype of the blu-ray disk, the first camera phone, iPods, the move from floppy disks to USB drives, the increasing influence of the internet. Those technologies enticed and intrigued me, and I could see how these impacted people’s lives and lifestyles.

Shortly after, I learned that the academy was offering a Business Technology major. I took it, and soon enough I was building my very first software, and that was an exhilarating experience. From the day I stepped out of school, I decided to pursue tech, and be an instrument that can bring innovation and inspire young people to pursue their dreams in the field.”

What is it like to be a woman in tech here at ING?

“When I started at ING Hubs Philippines in 2020, the WB Tech team was in its early days.

I was a PEGA engineer, assigned to a project where most of the engineers and managers were in the Netherlands. My colleagues are experts in this line of work, which was honestly intimidating for a newbie. But as I settled into the work and into the team, I realized that ING is an environment that creates healthy relationships among all peers.

With the guidance of my squad mates and my lead, I kept up and improved my technical skills. I learned that there are no wrong ideas during collaboration. Everyone here is very encouraging and helpful, and I never feel left out.

After more than 15 years in the tech world, only here at ING was I given the chance to lead a squad and be part of management. Here, I was able to reach my aspiration to be a leader who shares my knowledge with young engineers help them achieve their dreams.”

Your message for young women and professionals who are interested in a tech career

“I hope to inspire young women to be empowered, follow their dreams, work hard, and to be people who pave the way for an equal and equitable future for all. I hope for them to take risks and be brave, to embrace the challenges of life, to believe that anything is possible if the stay true to their values, and do their thing.


PHI - Claire Ann Lopez

Claire Lopez

The male-dominated tech industry can be quite daunting. While there are plenty of women who aspire to be successful the field, there are those with no access to mentorship and encouragement from female leaders.

“My path to a tech career was quite traditional, having studied Information Technology in university, which led me to my first job as an operations engineer at an international software and computer manufacturing company."

What sets Claire’s journey apart are the opportunities she received to be guided by great female leaders. Her role models motivated her to believe in her potential and aspire to greater heights. Claire is now a leader herself, taking care of projects and teams – and giving back by mentoring and empowering other women.

“ I have been lucky to experience great female leadership, and that gave me the confidence to know I could also succeed in this field.”

What is it like to be a woman in tech here at ING?

I felt ING’s positive work culture and focus on gender equality, and have never once experienced gender bias or discrimination.

Ideas, concerns, and input are always heard and appreciated, and both men and women are treated with respect and dignity.

I’m also happy to see that the company is raising awareness about women in the tech industry, and inspiring more young women to get into tech.

Message for young women and professionals who are interested in a tech career

Go for it! Learn what your strengths are and build them further. There are a lot of different roles and skills needed within the industry that you can explore.


PHI - Megha Mahajan

Megha Mahajan

For Megha, a career in the tech world seemed natural, starting with her fascination with website creation and development.

“I was always fascinated with how websites are developed and when I was in school I used to inspect them, codes and all. I was always inclined toward problem-solving, and learning about website development showed me a different way of looking at problems and solutions. After doing more research, I realized tech is the best choice for me.”

Megha discovered her passion, and studying Information Technology developed her skills in technical architecture, giving her confidence to be a leader in her field.

What is it like to be a woman in tech here at ING?

ING provides an open space and equal opportunities to everyone. Gender equality here provides a transparent and safe environment to grow.

I have always been motivated by my leads and my peers in my journey; I work with a supportive team, and my manager is always available to give advice and guidance. ING provides options for career paths to explore, and women are encouraged to step up for challenging roles and projects.

Message for young women and professionals who are interested in a tech career

Always dream big, and never limit yourself to what others think of you.

It’s okay if you don’t know your career path initially, but with continuous learning and challenges, you will understand what you want, so go for it! Push your limits and read more; the more you read, the more you will understand what you need in your career and life.


PHI - Renei Katherine Tabucol

Renei Katherine Tabucol

Remember floppy disks? How about games in CD-ROM format? Or MS Paint as artists’ software of choice? These are the early icons of technology that started lifelong passions in a generation of young people, like Renei.

“When I was in sixth grade computer class, I remember thinking how cool it was to be using these state-of-the-art things. Little did I know that in as little as 10 years, technology would evolve so drastically that it would leave behind these ‘futuristic’ items in the dust.”

Interest in a field that continuously evolves makes people inquisitive and self-improving. For Renei, who was born before the Y2K era, the wonder she with in the earlier forms of technology grew as technology itself did. She witnessed how powerfully it can impact people and the world.

“I was born in the '90s, and have always been a techie. As someone who loves to learn new things and explore the unknown, I will always be impressed by the developments in the field. These changes tell me that a career in tech guaranteed long-term growth. It's interesting to look at what's on the horizon, and try to guess which next big idea will change people's lives.“

What is it like to be a woman in tech here in ING?

Luckily, ING ensures that we have regular check-ins to discuss how things are going, set goals, etc. I feel comfortable voicing my opinion, asking questions, and challenging the status quo.

I love my team very much. They are wonderful and respectable people with whom I would be friends, even outside of work. I feel safe, valued, appreciated, and part of a team.

Your message for young women and professionals who are interested in a tech career

Life is a funny thing. No matter how much you plan, the unexpected can always happens. Doors could open and so can opportunities that you never saw coming. Maybe you don't end up in IT long term, maybe you do…but life has a way of taking you to interesting places that you never would have expected. I recommend trying out different things, to see what you like and where they take you.

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