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Looking for a business idea?

Choose to become our business partner! ING offers a unique opportunity for investment in banking services by developing a business on its own which involves advisory services, promotion and sale of banking products.

ING Office

Looking for a business idea? Choose to become our business partner!

ING offers a unique opportunity to invest in banking services by developing your own business which involves advisory services, promotion and sale of banking products and insurances.


Being a Manager in an ING Office requires 100% involvement in the development of this business.

The activity consists equally in both selling banking products and insurance and providing quality experiences after the sale.

In the partnership with ING, the focus is primarily on the quality of services offered in order to form a solid client portfolio.

There are many resources involved in the build-up of a successful business. A leading role is played by the business overview and strategy, combined with a good development of a team and a good management for all activities.


The initial investment consists of the following:
  • at least 30.000 @ and
  • 5.000 € initial investment fee

How we work

The partnership with ING will be held by a limited liability company (SRL), where ING Office the Manager is sole shareholder/ administrator.

The object of activity is the intermediation of financial services and brokerage assistance.

The activity is regulated under a service contract concluded with ING Bank and a sublease agreement for the place in which the activity is running. All ING Bank partners enjoy the same contractual conditions.

ING Contribution

What are we offering our partners?
  • A turnkey business;
  • ING brand and innovative concept, as two basic contributions;
  • ING expertise, as support while developing your business;
  • The competitive advantage given by retail concept ING Offices - Self'Bank, unique on Romania’s market

The advantages of the ING support in opening and sustaining this business are manifold, ranging from identifying locations, rental and arranging them, turnkey delivery to an Office Managerup to improving them with Self'Bank equipment and IT equipment, software, promotional materials, security system.

Office Manager and employee training as well as the support consisting of manuals/ processes/ procedures are being provided by ING Bank.

What we offer to customers?

  • Quality consulting services, customized banking products and insurance products, all offered through an innovative distribution channel in Romania;
  • The independence offered to clients for performing banking operations through Self Bank - the customer does not depend on a bank clerk to conduct his banking operations; all cash and non-cash operations are carried out based on card for both types of devices in Self'Bank: ATM and Multimat;
  • The attention granted in offering services by each ING Office through each post-sale advice;
  • The ease of using multiple services based on a single card (payments, withdrawals and deposits, foreign exchange, transfers between customer accounts, the possibility of saving frequently performed transactions, internet banking).

Apply now

You have a strong appetite for commerce and solid experience in customer service? You have built and developed successful teams? Are you defined by passion for action and results and manage to foresee opportunities in any context?

… Then you possess the ingredients needed in the development of a successful business.

You can highlight all these qualities, by benefiting from the support and expertise of ING Bank!

Send your CV at partener.ing@ing.ro

ING Point

ING presents a new business opportunity: ING Point

Everything starts with an idea.

We are fond of innovative ideas and with the impact of a “Yes, you can!” attitude. Inspired by our clients’ needs and by banking trends, we have created ING Point– a new concept for commercial areas, through which we aim to promote ING products and services.

Everything starts with you.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Of course you do! Join us and we’ll help you get started.


100% focus on growing your business, enthusiasm, energy and passion. Everything together with your team.

Promote and sell ING basic banking products to shopping mall’s customers (ING clients or non-clients): current account – ING Card Complet, internet banking, loans (credit lines, credit card, personal loans) and other debit products.

To turn a business idea into a successful story, you need courage, perseverance and strategic thinking. You should be able to convey your vision and business objectives to your team.


The initial investment is represented by the startup capital: 1.500 €

Collaboration is key

The partnership with ING Bank works through a private limited company (SRL), where  the POINT Manager is the only associate/administrator.

The business line is financial services intermediation and brokerage assistance.

The activity is regulated under a service contract concluded with ING Bank and a sublease agreement for the place where the activity takes place. All ING Bank partners operate under the same contractual conditions.

ING contributes, too

What do we offer?
  • The ING brand
  • Our support in developing your business
  • The competitive advantage that ING Point’s business model brings by integrating the “instant” concept. Also, from a technical point of view, all ING Point locations have built-in ATMs, printers and laptops.
  • Training for you and your team, from assistance in understanding and implementing processes and procedure to key-components such as communication, organizing, etc.

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