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International Talent Programme

Are you young, talented and looking for a career in which you play a meaningful part in millions of lives? If this is you, you might be up for a change of a life time.

The banking industry is evolving and there has never been a more interesting time to be part of it. ING is a place where you will serve both our customers and society at large and continuously be looking for ways to improve.

Joining the international talent programme means you have a chance to play a part in leading the change ING wants to make. Being innovative and agile are key elements to bring excellent service to our clients now and in the future and we expect you to be a driving force in this direction. The ITP is a challenging, fascinating path of personal and professional development. This experience opens doors to countless opportunities within ING, all you have to do is commit fully and accept the challenge.

Programme overview

The International Talent Programme is a tailor-made 2-year graduate programme. Don`t worry: you will be our colleague with a full-time undetermined employment contract. Simply bring your skills, values and personality. In return we will provide you with a structured level of training and guidance to open up exciting growth opportunities. Personal and professional. It offers you the opportunity to become one of our leading bankers who are self-aware and achieve sustainable results with and for our customers.

The ITP allows you to choose one of the two tracks:

  • Risk ( ING Bank & ING Tech Romania)
  • IT

Programme timeline

The journey of the International Talent Programme starts with onboarding, local and international, to get you acquainted with ING in general and your office and colleagues in particular. For the first 12 to 18 months you will rotate between different projects or jobs. After that you will start your first position. During the full two years of the programme you will participate in training aimed at your further personal and professional development.

Local onboarding

If selected for the ITP, you start with an extensive introduction at your local ING office. This means familiarizing yourself with your office facilities and colleagues, and meeting your talent manager. Together you will determine the projects you will work on and create your development plan. We believe that one of the most valuable assets to your career is having a good mentor. That’s why you are also assigned a personal mentor, who will take you under his/her wing and coach you from the start. This Senior ING Executive will challenge and inspire you and provide you with a "helicopter view" of your career development and goals.

Central onboarding

Following your local onboarding introduction you fly to our headquarters in Amsterdam for a two week-long international onboarding event. The purpose of the international onboarding event is to meet your fellow trainees and our senior executives, and to learn about the ITP, our business areas, strategies, values and business principles such as corporate responsibility. It’s important to us that you are familiar with our organisation and know what we stand for. And to understand where we are going, you need to know where we came from. You will also start working on your personal development plan, learn about banking fundamentals and, last but not least, have some fun, get inspired and build your network

Like you, we have an international outlook, an entrepreneurial spirit and a proactive approach to everything we do. But above all we aim to create a financially healthy future with and for our customers. You will experience from day one what this means in our and your daily business.

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