A programmer in Internal Communications

Thanks to LearnING, I just dared to do it.

Matthias, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at ING?

I’ve been with ING since 2002 and work in Internal Communications. I also worked in HR for a while but switched back to Internal Communications with the agile transformation.

What offer did you choose at LearnING and why?

I picked out different offers in the fields of computers, neural networks, programming and artificial intelligence (AI). Since I feel like I’m more of a "words" person, I’ve always been a little afraid of IT topics. Over time, I got the desire to look behind the scenes. I wanted to get a better understanding of the IT world which is changing our lives in so many areas. The most fun I had was programming something myself.

What has been your experience with LearnING?

I finished my LearnING experience with a super positive feeling. There is a wide range of offers, including subscriptions to LinkedIn Learning or the ZEITAkademie. In addition, I’m excited about the possibility of looking into other offers for further education in coordination with our service provider, which even go beyond the existing offerings. I managed very well with the 500 € per year.

What is so special for you about LearnING?

It’s great fun because the whole system is so simple. You go on the platform and log in for a short time. It gives you a very good overview so you can find out about all the offers. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, and would like to use another vendor, you can easily contact our service provider and get answers very quickly. I think it works very smoothly. All in all, LearnING offers me an easy way to develop myself further and try out new things.

What would you recommend to someone who is interested in LearnING?

I can really recommend LearnING to everyone. It covers a very unique and extensive range of offers. Although you may not be able to choose to learn to crochet in Tuscany, I find the range of offers more than impressive: from personal development and psychology, to languages, digitalization and programming. There is really something for everyone.

Personally, I had great experiences with video courses. You can take them whenever you feel like it, in the morning, at noon or in the evening. Whenever it suits you best.

What informed your decisions at LearnING?

I had a basic interest in certain topics, but I shied away from them and wavered. Because I didn't know whether a course would suit me and help me to progress personally. Thanks to LearnING, I just dared to do it and said to myself: I'll try it out now. So my basic motivation was already there and LearnING ultimately gave me the missing impetus to run with it.

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