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What’s it really like to work at ING?

„You won’t truly know what it’s like until you’re really there.“ There’s a lot of truth to that statement. And that’s why we decided to survey our employees around the world – to gather thousands of opinions on various topics concerning the workday – from culture, diversity, and continuing education, to work-life balance and sustainability. And their opinions show what it’s really like to work at ING. Time to reveal the results!
We want to be more than an employer and to offer more than a job. That’s why we support our employees not only in their work, but also in many other aspects of life. So that everyone can reach their full potential – both professionally and personally.

What you can expect:

Working at ING

Flexible, autonomous and mobile: We were one of the first large companies in Germany to conclude an agreement with our General Works Council to make remote working possible for all employees while respecting any operational, legal or regulatory restrictions. By offering our employees this freedom, we help set the course for the future of work.

You receive a personal budget of € 1,500 after the trial period to set up your workplace at home, plus an additional €1,000 every 5 years to keep it nice.


We are Germany’s first agile bank. But what does that mean? Everything revolves around ensuring that our customers are satisfied. If something is important to them, then it‘s even more important to us. That’s why we think and work agile and integrate customer feedback directly into our development

Do you think as agile as we do?

Diversity and inclusion

Our customers are diverse. To understand them, we need teams that are every bit as diverse. That's why we foster a culture where people with different personalities, backgrounds, and perspectives can contribute – and where these differences are valued. In addition, we support internal employee networks such as:

  • Lioness: Empowering women at ING
  • Rainbow Lions: Culture without labels
  • YoungING: Growing careers together

More on diversity


    We take our responsibility to do business sustainability seriously and are constantly working on conserving resources and getting it right. It begins with our employees and extends all the way into our core business.

    With the two pillars of climate protection and care-free finances, we use our expertise to meaningfully impact the enviroment and society at large. Together, with all our employees pulling together, we can achieve much more!

    More on sustainability

    Family and social support

    What’s a good job without a better world? At ING, you can get involved in social projects and at the same time pursue your own passions and personal development. Whatever surprises life may have in store – we’ve got your back. Whether it’s a couple becoming a family or when a family unexpectedly gets smaller.

    We are there for you – but how?

    Remuneration and benefits

    An important cornerstone for a great workplace? Our collective agreement for the future. It not only contributes to your security in old age, but also focuses on the here and now: work-life balance, continuing education, health care, and much more.

    • Regional job ticket
    • Capital-forming benefits
    • Company restaurant & free drinks
    • Parking space
    • Company pension plan
    • Allowances for care & childcare and more

    Personal development

    You can choose among a variety of continuing education programs to advance your personal growth. Now with LearnING, you can invest € 500 into your personal development every year starting from the end of your probationary period. And that’s on top of the development budget that is required for your job!  

    More about personal development & continuing education


    You can look forward to regular complimentary offers, such as:

    • Preventative medical examinations
    • Exercise and nutrition coaching
    • Fitness coaching
    • Eyeglasses for working on the computer
    • Health check-ups

    You choose what you want to do. We have a wide range of offers for exercise, prevention, nutrition and maintaining work-life balance. With a personal health budget of € 300 per year, we cover the costs of in-house courses, external club or gym memberships, online yoga courses, mindfulness training and much more for our employees.

    Listen – ING for your ears!


    HR Chief as working dad
    Our HR manager Dr. Sebastian Harrer speaks in the Working Dad podcast about his everyday family life as the father of 4 children and reports what we do as an employer to enable a work-life balance.

    Healthy work
    Why we care about the health and well-being of our employees and what we do to support them - especially in the current time. Our Director of Human Resources Sebastian Harrer talks about this with Jonas Höhn in the podcast “Rebellisch Gesund”.

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