Add some color to your professional life

Colorful, digital, diverse. If you ask us, that’s exactly how we’d describe ourselves. But words are all well and good. We'd much rather show you what we're like in person! In Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Hanover and Berlin – where we make sure that around 9 million customers enjoy an easy banking experience. How do we work together? On equal footing and on a first-name basis. We like it informal.​

It's all in the mix

At our company, people with diverse life stories, experiences and lifestyles all work together. We love this diversity. Because it makes us better. And with our programs, goals and networks, we work hard to ensure this.

ICSGER - EN - Lioness supporting women

Lioness: supporting women!

With Lioness, we offer women a network to support each other in defining and achieving their career goals.​

ICSGER - EN - Rainbow Lions

Rainbow Lions

The Rainbow Lions promote the visibility and acceptance of LGBTQI+ through internal and external projects and events. They advocate for an open and inclusive company culture in which all people can feel comfortable, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.



With over 1,000 members, the YoungING Community is the network for everyone under 36. With regular networking, lectures and sporting events, the community is committed to building networks, inspiring each other and advancing the careers of colleagues across departmental boundaries.​

ICSGER - EN - Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

The Cultural Diversity Community provides a safe network for cultural knowledge sharing, events and workshops for all employees – making everyone feel encouraged and valued.​

Our employees have a say

Take a peek inside

In this video, we tour our headquarters in Frankfurt during the coronavirus pandemic. Today, employees are bustling through the corridors once again – because we work in the office and remotely from home. Both are possible.

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