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Online application

You found an interesting position? We look forward to receiving your application!

To apply, please use our simple online application system.

What do we need from you?

Cover letter, resume and references – so that we can process your application as quickly as possible. You can upload up to 7 MB.

Why only online applications?

Your application materials will land directly in the right hands, and data
protection is also carefully considered – in line with the General Data
Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Application check

As soon as we receive your application, our recruiting experts work with the respective department to take a close look at everything and determine how well we fit together.

What then? If our initial impression is positive, we will send your application on to our colleagues in the respective department. If their response is also positive, we will send you an invitation by e-mail for an introductory meeting.

Already before this, you will be receiving e-mails from us, such as an automatically generated confirmation that we have received your application.

Getting to know each other

Introductory meeting

Our first meeting is as unique as your application. We get to know each other in a video interview, on-site in the office, or hybrid. During the interview, you will learn more about your responsibilities and the team – and we will spark your curiosity about agile working. The first conversation will take place with members from your potential department.

If necessary, we will arrange further meetings with you. This depends on the position you have applied for and the people attending. And because we are interested in your expertise, we will occasionally bring along case studies or presentations to discuss with you.

By the way, in our introductory programs, the first meeting for students and graduates takes place with our colleagues from the HR Young Talents Team.

Please use this meeting as an opportunity to learn more about us – about the job, the team, your duties. And what was it precisely about this job listing that caught your attention? The more you share with us, the better we can get to know you.

Follow-up interview(s)

First talk with the department went well? Great! Now your recruiter and the department will set up your next meeting.

We would like to learn more about you and tell you everything about our culture. We’ll go about this in a video interview or in person. Where appropriate, we will schedule further meetings with you. That depends on the position you have applied for and the people involved. Your recruiter will explain everything to you when the time comes.

Any other pressing questions? The interview is your chance to ask about anything and everything. And since we really want to learn about your expertise, we might bring along some case studies or presentations to discuss with you, too.


Congratulations, it’s a match!

Letter of acceptance and contract offer

Do you also think it’s a good fit? Great to hear! You will discuss contract details with your recruiter.

Once the Works Council has given its approval, the contract will be on its way to you. All that's missing is your signature.

Welcome to ING

At a check-in event on your first day, we will welcome you to the company. It’s a relaxed way to get started and make important contacts.

Shortly before your first day of work, we will send you all relevant information by e-mail.

To bridge the waiting time until the start, you can use our onboarding tool to get a (virtual) insight and get to know your buddy as well as your manager.

In the following days and weeks, you will gather many new impressions. Regardless of whether you are starting remotely or on-site, your new colleagues look forward to working with you, and are ready to offer help and advice.

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Each application process is as unique as the application submitted.

Depending on the position and department, each application process can vary, but it usually consists of the steps described above. 

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