Diversity is what makes us successful

Diversity is very important to us: with agile working practices, collaboration between people with diverse professional and personal skills is essential.

As IT Area Lead, I’m particularly responsible for the introduction and support of IT systems that come from the global network of the ING Group and are used in the local units. This includes ensuring local operations and IT governance in the bank's corporate business.

What does your working day look like?

My working day starts with our short and compact "Daily"; a stand-up meeting where we exchange information with the whole team about tasks, the status and obstacles. To be honest, this is the only routine. Apart from that, no two days are the same: some days are full of appointments and meetings, other days consist of more conceptual work, and again other days are spent in all-day workshops – sometimes even in Amsterdam.

What makes working at ING enjoyable for you?

ING has a great corporate culture, which is very different from that of other banks in Germany. I think it’s important to emphasize that it combines a start-up attitude and agile working methods with the special features of a traditional bank. Another aspect that I find very important is the opportunity to work in international teams and in an international network.

What kind of personality do you think would fit in well at ING Wholesale Banking?

I think all kinds of personalities would fit in here! Diversity is very important to us. Especially when working with agile methods, it is important that people with diverse professional and personal skills work together.

What’s the start of a perfect day for you?

For me, the perfect day begins with a relaxed trip to the office. It also gives me 30 to 60 minutes in the morning to sort myself out and organize my day before the first appointments start, while enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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