Carolin Friedrich

As an apprentice, I immediately had the feeling that I was part of the team and that my opinion counted. That helped me to quickly develop confidence in my own performance.

When you hear "ING" what is the first word that comes to mind?


Can you tell us briefly how you came to be at ING?

Carolin: When I looked up the subject of training online, I came across ING and contacted them directly. After that, everything happened very quickly. After a telephone interview I was invited to the assessment center. I still remember that day perfectly, when I experienced ING’s special corporate culture in action for the first time.

I was impressed by the warm welcome I received. That day was an absolute key moment, on the whole, because I immediately had the feeling that it was not just about performance and competition, but also about the applicant’s personality. I was really happy when I was accepted on the same day. I made the decision to move from Bad Hersfeld to Nuremberg. With a bit of courage for change, this was the perfect entry for me.

What do you think is special about the ING training program?

Carolin: Right from the start I was fascinated how "different" this bank is. The working atmosphere is warm, and the colleagues are very open. I got a good feeling that I was immediately accepted as part of the team. My colleagues gave me a lot of support during my time as a trainee. And support is really an understatement: I had the feeling that they really enjoyed teaching me. The varied learning content sharpened my view of the bigger picture. I also noticed that I can apply my practical knowledge well at the vocational school. And if I ever had any problems understanding what I was learning at school, my colleagues were always happy to help me.

Which ING social benefits and extras are most attractive for you?

Carolin: The Jobticket helps me stay really mobile – on the way to work and in my free time. The health care benefits and the canteen are also great extras that have made my move and new start in Nuremberg easier financially.

What other things motivate you in life besides your job? What are your passions?

Carolin: I think it's great that I also have time for my hobbies with this job. Sports and exercise are very important to me. ING offers a variety of leisure activities that I take advantage of. And when you do sports together, you get to know a lot of new people, of course.

How was the transition from a traineeship to full-time employment for you?

Carolin: The transition was smooth, because I had already found out towards the end of the training period that they would hire me. They told me "It's not the individual grades that count. It's your overall performance and personal commitment." This gave me a real boost for my final exams and I was able to tackle them with a good feeling.

How did you experience ING as an employer, your colleagues and the corporate culture?

When you hear the word "bank" many people think of "rigid" and "conservative". I used to think that, too, but from the very beginning, I got to know ING as an atypical bank. What I like here is the cooperation and the pleasant working atmosphere. As an apprentice, I always had the feeling that I could make a big difference. As a result, I quickly developed confidence in my own performance.

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