We are looking for team players who can inspire our customers

We are successful in continuously winning over new customers, for us and our products, and this makes me proud.

As a credit analyst, together with my colleagues in the Diversified Lending product department, I deal with everything related to loans for our corporate customers – from analysis to the loan settlement process.

What is your working day like?

For me, no day at work is the same and that's a good thing. Desk work, internal meetings, telephone conferences and personal customer meetings all change every day – as do the topics. I prepare analyses for our customers, who come from a wide range of industries, so I have to familiarize myself with many different topics in the sector. Thanks to the so-called "Junior Pool", to which we Young Professionals at ING belong, we constantly get to meet new teams, and experience new industries and tasks. This broadens our horizons and gives us more learning opportunities. I really enjoy supporting our corporate clients with our capital and know-how on their journey into the future.

What is characteristic of wholesale banking, in your opinion?

In recent years, ING's corporate client business has been shaped by two developments: growth and internationality. We are successful in continuously winning over new customers, for us and our products, and this makes me proud.

We have earned a very good reputation with our product and sector expertise and our international network.

What makes working at ING enjoyable for you?

To sum it up: there are no rigid processes and the hierarchies are permeable. This makes it possible, especially for young employees, to take on responsibility very quickly and to push forward ideas or projects independently. I can say from my own experience that I have always been encouraged to learn new things, to work independently and to take things into my own hands. This can be challenging, but it has allowed me to develop professionally and personally. ING's culture is characterized by openness, which makes it very easy to get in contact with colleagues and to get involved. It’s fun to work in an open and relaxed atmosphere with people from different cultural backgrounds. The fact that we are on familiar terms across all hierarchical levels is the most obvious sign of this.

What kind of personality do you think would fit in well at ING Wholesale Banking?

I think the most important thing is to be open-minded and enjoy moving things forward. Lone wolves won’t fit in here. We are looking for team players who are willing to contribute themselves and their ideas. People who enjoy inspiring our customers with their open-mindedness and who can help us move forward as a bank with their ideas and experience are a good match for us.

Do you have any tips for aspiring young professionals?

I sure do!

  1. Check the job offers
  2. Submit an authentic and honest application
  3. Find out about our culture, career options and perspectives firsthand, during the interview.

Can you tell us something personal about yourself?

As a real Frankfurter, I am of course an Eintracht fan and always enjoy going to the games.

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