ING lawyer discovers artificial intelligence

The chance to quench my thirst for knowledge.

Maria, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at ING?

I’m an in-house lawyer at ING and work for the Center of Expertise Data Management & Protection. My focus is on data protection law, where I mainly provide counsel. As an inquisitive lawyer, I’m also interested in other areas of law that play an essential role in the development of innovative financial products and services – such as banking regulatory law, law against unfair competition and consumer law.

What did you choose from the LearnING course offerings? What was your experience?

I immediately registered with the ZEITAkademie and have already completed my first online seminar on "Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Man and Machine". I’m going to follow that up with seminars from the series "Natural Sciences" and "Economics and Politics".

What is so special for you about LearnING?

The nice thing is that I have the opportunity to continue my education from anywhere, at any time. For me, education includes spiritual, creative and ethical development. It’s about the creative shaping of the human into a "better being". The wide range of courses offered by the ZEITAkademie really covers the whole spectrum. Personally, I have an extreme thirst for knowledge. LearnING gives me the opportunity to quench it – at least for a while.

What would you recommend to someone who is interested in LearnING?

LearnING offers many opportunities for personal development in various areas. I would recommend all employees to dive into the offers at LearnING.

What informed your decisions at LearnING?

I started with my interests. Digitization was always in the foreground for me. ING offers various modules to help people choose the right course, so that everyone can find out which one suits them best. As a leading digital bank, ING offers plenty of room for involvement and new ideas. This is the perfect opportunity for me to nurture my own interests – both in my further education and in my professional life.

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