Julia Ternowez

ING is very welcoming and positive, especially for those just starting their career

How did you come to ING?

After graduating from school, I decided to get training as a bank clerk, because I’ve always been interested in finance. Since there are satisfied ING customers in my own family and I knew the bank from advertising, I applied in Nuremberg – and I got the job.

How was your first week with us?

The first week of onboarding was completely virtual due to the pandemic. Our training supervisors introduced themselves and explained the processes. It was all very exciting. My fellow trainees from Nuremberg and I had the chance to virtually meet trainees from ING locations in Frankfurt and Hanover. The atmosphere was really positive, and I immediately felt at ease. To get to know each other even better, we were assigned various tasks, such as giving a short presentation about ourselves. The first few days, of course, we were also given a lot of general information about ING and our future responsibilities.

What’s most interesting about the training?

The processes used by each department are completely different. What they all have in common is that they work closely together. I definitely noticed that very quickly. It's a lot of fun to see the work that my colleagues do every day and to be part of it. I learn something new every day and always find it interesting that so many different departments contribute to the same goal.

Do you already know what you want to do next?

Yes! First, I’d like to finish my qualification as a bank clerk, of course, and then take further training to become a banking specialist. I want to expand my knowledge and put my skills into practice.

What’s so special about working at ING?

It’s definitely the open and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is always helpful and treats each other with respect! It doesn't matter whether it's in the office or virtually. No matter who I talk to (even virtually) – whether from Frankfurt, Nuremberg or Hanover – I’m warmly welcomed in every team. That’s something special, in my opinion. Particularly for newcomers, it makes ING so incredibly warm and positive.

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