Apprenticeship to become a bank clerk

    Standing at a counter? Not with us!

    You’re not afraid of numbers, dates, digitalization and the world of finance. You have the talent to understand customers and their needs, and you like being there for them. You love finding new solutions to make their banking experience more convenient and can help them personally. If these sentences describe you, then this is the right apprenticeship for you.

    What to expect

    We’ll do everything we can to help you understand the needs of your customers. And you’ll help us reach our goal of making customers happy! You won’t just be crunching numbers: you’ll be gaining a feel for how to make banking easier. You’ll acquire these skills together with other apprentices and with the help of your experienced colleagues. The latter will always be there to offer advice, and you’ll feel like part of the team right away. You’ll discover the benefits of working in a fair and friendly collaborative atmosphere, where fun is never in short supply.

    Theory and practice

    During your apprenticeship, you’ll split your time between studies at an occupational school and practical experience with us. In the process, you’ll learn all about:

    • accounting, payment transactions and the credit business
    • capital formation, investments and the securities business
    • customer care, acquisition and loyalty

    One more thing: We stay on top of our customers’ needs. We have magnetic attraction to new things – improving methods is our standard business. That’s another thing you’ll learn during the apprenticeship and our additional “Innovation Education” qualification. You’ll learn working practices to help you develop new solutions in a team.

    This is what you offer:

    • A good record in a general education (e.g. Realschule) or college-prep (e.g. Abitur) school
    • Good communication skills and reliability
    • A good feeling for dealing with customers

    Duration: With a college-prep education (Abitur) it takes two years, and with a general education (Realschule) it takes two and a half years

    Location: Frankfurt or Nuremberg, Germany

    Here’s what we offer you:

    • For all courses of study, we offer the same fair monthly apprenticeship remuneration: 1.150 euros in the first year; 1.220 euros in the second year; and 1.300 euros in the third year
    • Collectively agreed remuneration of 13 gross monthly salaries plus (depending on the fiscal year) a possible 75% monthly salary as a year-end remuneration.
    • “Nikolaus” bonus of gross 1500 euros
    • Health budget: 300 euros per year
    • Capital-forming benefits: 40 euros per month
    • Deutschlandticket
    • Reduced-cost menus in company restaurants
    • Working hours: 39 hours per week
    • Holiday: 30 days for full-time

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