ING Labs

We’re always looking for new ways to do things faster, better, cheaper. To move out of our comfort zone, so that we can better serve the needs of customers. ING Labs uses ING’s knowledge and network to bring products and businesses to market.

We look for new opportunities to solve problems and client needs in a number of areas. These are the value spaces we are looking to disrupt: housing, trade, lending, financial health, and compliance.

We discover, experiment, and validate in a structured innovation process that includes governance and funding for the ventures in our innovation funnel.

At ING Labs in London and Brussels (formerly Fintech Village) we partner scale-ups that match our innovation objectives and help them to further develop their value propositions.

Operating as incubators for our initiatives, ING Labs in Amsterdam and Singapore seek to create minimal viable businesses. Once ready to scale, initiatives either spin out as standalone companies supported by ING or they continue to develop within the bank.

ING Labs TalentHub

The ING Labs TalentHub is a dedicated space that you can join. It is for current ING and non-ING (yet) Corporate Venture Builders who want to have an insight on the ING Labs and our job opportunities. Whether you have worked at the Labs or not before, you can ask any question about a role, the team or the environment where you will be working and refer like-minded professionals.

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