Freedom to be yourself

At ING, we believe we can only live up to our purpose and deliver on our strategy with a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB). A culture where every colleague has a true sense of belonging and is respected for who they are – so that our business and our customers benefit from their unique perspectives and experiences. When people feel seen, heard, valued, respected and connected, they can make the difference.

It's about being all of who we are. Everyone should be able to bring their whole self to work, every single day. We value difference and actively promote a culture of respect for each individual. By creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment we aim for everyone at ING to have a sense of belonging and to realise their full career potential.

Find out more about our full strategy on Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging.

Our stance on discrimination

Discrimination includes any distinction, exclusion or preference made on the basis of gender, gender identity, cultural background, experience, religion, race, ethnicity, disability, family responsibility, political opinion, sexual orientation, social origin or any other status, that has the effect of nullifying or impairing equal opportunity or treatment in employment.

Any distinction, exclusion or preference not based on the inherent requirements of the job is deemed as discrimination. At ING, we denounce all forms of discrimination. We are working together to create an inclusive workplace and, in turn, play our part in building an inclusive world. To support our ongoing efforts to create meaningful change, we have measures that aim to keep discrimination from happening within our company – towards both our customers and employees. For example, our Global Code of Conduct lists 10 core principles that we expect from employees. These include our aim to create and maintain a safe working environment and that we encourage speaking up to report misconduct. The ING Global Code of Conduct builds on the values and behaviours of our Orange Code and applies to all ING business units in all countries worldwide.

70% Principle

We introduced a 70% principle in 2018, which means we strive for no group or level to be comprised of more than 70% of the same gender, nationality or age group.

Our values and behaviours

Creating a differentiating experience starts with ING’s culture: entrepreneurial, open, collaborative, innovative and energetic. Who we are and how we work are set out in our Orange Code. With integrity above all, the Orange Code is our manifesto describing the values and behaviours that define us and what it means to be ING.

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