Working at ING means you make sure banking is personal, easy, relevant and instant for customers worldwide.

Impact on customers

We know that people don’t need banks, they need banking. Our promise to customers is to give them confidence in their ability to make decisions and to move forward. To offer them an experience that is personal, easy, relevant and instant. What this looks like depends, of course, on who they are. For individual customers and small businesses, we focus mainly on mobile banking, while for mid-corporate and Wholesale Banking clients it’s all about personal relationships and superior sector and network expertise. However big or small, modest or grand, we empower people and businesses to realise their own vision for a better future.

CARD EB2023 Mariana Stanescu

Mariana and her team enable millions of ING customers to open a new account, log in, and seamlessly approve any transaction in any digital channel.

“Millions of customers log in and do transactions multiple times a day. Our systems need to be available 24/7, otherwise we have a big problem.”

CARD EB2023 Cathelijne Beliën

Cathelijne is a project manager Acquisition Finance & Structured Lending in Business Banking.

“I’ve learned that in our line of work it’s not only about your knowledge, but also about your personality. You have to know how to connect with people and reassure clients that they can trust you through good times and bad. You're there for your client at crucial moments for their business.”

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