Why join?

We put trust in our employees and encourage them to design their career in a way that works best for them. Enabling them to grow in their own way, without being held down. Because doing great things, starts by doing your thing.


Innovative mindset

We pioneered easier payment systems, spearheaded internet banking, and transitioned to mobile faster than any other bank. But the world does not stand still. So we look constantly for ways to bring together fresh ideas and new technologies to create better, faster and surprising experiences our customers.


Potential to grow

We hire smart people like you for your potential, not your past. Our biggest expectation is that you’ll stay curious. Keep learning. Take on more responsibility. In return, we’ll back you to develop into an even more awesome version of yourself.


Work-life balance

We need people to think clearly. That can only happen when you are rested, healthy and enjoying life. In most regions, we offer working arrangements like flexitime, remote working and part-time working so that you can strike the right balance between your career and your home life.


Open culture

We work in an environment where people are trusted to make decisions and every voice gets heard. If you have an idea to make banking better, you’ll be encouraged to make it happen – regardless of your position. The best ideas win, period.


Getting it done

In an industry that’s changing fast, we’re leading the pack. Our agile way of working means a shorter distance between ideas and impact. Sure, we’re big. But we work in small teams to make amazing things happen. What matters here is what gets done.


International opportunities

With 57,000 employees and operations in over 40 countries, there is no shortage of opportunities for people with initiative who want to make a difference.

GBLEXT- Why ING EVP Freedom to be yourself

Freedom to be yourself

People are most motivated when they can be their true selves. We celebrate inclusion and value the benefits of a diverse workforce. Diversity is not just a box to be ticked. It’s fundamental to our future success.

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GBLEXT- Why ING EVP Orange Code

Orange Code

We look for self-starting responsibility junkies with a talent for taking it on and making it happen. Who get a kick out of helping others succeed. And who have a knack for always being a step ahead*. We call this ‘The Orange Code’: what you can expect from your colleagues, and what they will expect from you.

* two or three steps ahead is also OK.

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