Why join?

We put trust in our employees and encourage them to design their career in a way that works best for them. Enabling them to grow in their own way, without being held down. Because doing great things, starts by doing your thing.

GBLEXT - CRD EB2023 Our Orange Culture

A collaborative culture

Ask anyone at ING what it’s like to work here, and you’ll most likely hear the words ‘orange code’ come up. This stands for what you can expect from others, and what they can expect from you when working together.

Orange CodeFreedom to be yourself

GBLEXT - CRD EB2023 Making an impact

Making an impact

Our operations touch many lives – customers, shareholders, suppliers. Discover how you can contribute to making the difference for them, the financial system, and our planet.

CustomersFinancial systemPlanet

GBLEXT - CRD EB2023 Potential to grow

Potential to grow

We hire smart people like you for your potential, not your past. Our biggest expectation is that you’ll stay curious. Keep learning. Take on more responsibility. In return, we’ll back you to develop into an even more awesome version of yourself.

ICSGBL - CRD EB2023 Flexible way of working

Flexible way of working

Home or office? In most cases, it’s up to you. Our hybrid work setup allows flexibility, as long as you actively engage with and contribute to your team. We empower you to strike the right balance between work and personal life.

GBLEXT - CRD EB2023 International opportunities

International opportunities

With operations in over 40 countries, there is no shortage of opportunities for ambitious people who want to make a difference.

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