Our engineering culture

Our engineering culture

We’re a global team of engineers who are building the ING of the future. We all share the same, orange working culture built on some basic values – such as helping each other be successful. Here are some of the other things that drive us as engineers.

We make impact

We are engineers with a big task on our hands: using technology to give all customers around the world the same, great experience. Sounds vague? Well, imagine adding a new feature to an app that is being used by millions of people, multiple times a day. Or what about seeing your squad’s front end application being adopted by other countries? We’re here to make impact.

We explore

Whether you’re a Java champion or platform architect, your first job with us is only the beginning of something bigger. It’s an opportunity to explore, learn and grow. By developing your expertise and craftsmanship, you steer your own career.

We innovate

More and more people live their lives on digital platforms. And although competition is fierce, that’s where we want to be. We want to become the go-to-place for financial matters. How this ‘platform’ is going to look? We’re building it right now. We’re discovering, starting new initiatives as well as working together with 150 fintech partners. And that’s where you come in.

We love tech

When you talk to us, you’ll notice: we love tech. Machine learning, AI, VR, blockchain, streaming data – no matter what your tech passion is, we’re on it. Tech simply is our core business. It’s our purpose to keep surprising customers and keep our business reliable and safe from cyber threats. 

We are agile

Agile is the way we work, all over the world. It’s fun but more than that, it’s a mentality. We like the pressure of having to give customers the things they need – fast. Being agile also means opening up to other people’s ideas. With our developers’ portal we’re doing just that – so you can share your code and learn from others. Wherever you look, we’re moving.

And you?

So, that’s us. Now imagine joining this global team of engineers who are building our future. A team where your fist assignment is just the start of a great adventure. This might be your time to jump on!

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