“Faster time to market and improved IT efficiency”

What do you do as a product area lead?

I’m at the intersection between the engineers who are building the solutions and the businesses who are using them to serve their customers. Essentially, I connect technology with business and design.

I work closely with other product areas of the Touchpoint tribe, the Banking Technology Platform, consumer tribes in the different countries, the global transformation programmes, and with risk parties like Integrated Risk Management, as well as Legal and Compliance.

How do you make impact?

The use of the Touchpoint platform by developers has increased over the last years. One Gate products are the basis to secure all our digital channels in Europe and Asia, supporting ING's global ambitions and Open Banking. We enable faster time to market and improve IT efficiency through our re-usable, out-of- the-box products for authentication, identification, verification, approval & consent, and generic means.

Let me give you one example: no matter what ING channel, mobile or web application our customers are on, they use their identity to log in and authorise transactions. The aim is to extend our product to prospective users, third-party developers, assisted channels, employees, etc.

Imagine the impact. Millions of customers, often logging in or doing transactions multiple times a day. And our systems need to be available 24/7, otherwise we have a big problem.

To give you an idea on the numbers:

  • We can authenticate more than 20+ million ING customers in Europe and Asia
  • On average, 400 customers per second log in using our authentication solution
  • We enable 20+ million ING customers to approve financial and non-financial transactions in Europe and Asia
  • 1.4 million transactions per day are carried out using the approval & consent solutions
  • The generic means portfolio is used in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Philippines, as well as in Wholesale Banking and for Open Banking. In one year, we have tripled the use cases using generic means.

About Mariana

  • Originally from Romania and moved to the Netherlands with her family in 2017
  • Loves coffee, origami and rainbows
  • She is an active member of the Workers Council Tech in the Netherlands
  • Loves to switch between activities in her free time: learning to tap dance, a new language, reading or travelling to new places
  • Music, dancing, and good food give her energy

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