“Security touches all aspects of life”

How did you end up in this field?

I’ve always been fascinated by technology. It’s never boring, developments go so fast. You have to learn new technologies all the time.

I was studying cybersecurity, and at some point, discovered data science which absolutely captivated me. I managed to get master’s degrees in both. And now I can mix the two, which is my ‘superpower’. The more I discover, the more I get enthusiastic to work in this interdisciplinary field.

What’s the impact you’re making to this world?

Our topic is security, which is super relevant. It touches all aspects of life. It’s about someone’s money, the personal data of our clients. Keeping the bank secure!

I work in the detection team. We try to detect malicious activities as early as possible, which can eventually prevent people from breaking into the bank.

About Svetlana

  • Joined ING in summer 2021. This is her first full time job
  • She’s originally from Russia but now she lives in Amsterdam and loves it
  • Most of the time, her home is her office. Although she enjoys meeting up with her Amsterdam-based team as well
  • She travels to our ING Hubs office in Katowice, Poland, regularly to catch up with her colleagues there and to share her knowledge in data science
  • Outside office hours, you can find her in the gym, or dancing salsa and bachata

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