ING encourages creative thinking. Good ideas start with you, irrespective of how junior or senior you are. We’re always looking for new solutions for the challenges our clients face. Fresh approaches that keep them a step ahead in business. Using technologies like blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence to do things better, faster, cheaper. Stretch your creative muscle in an open and dynamic environment where you can collaborate with others inside and outside ING on ideas that drive progress.

ING Labs

ING Labs combines our knowledge and network with those of others to bring disruptive ideas to market. Located in Amsterdam, London, Singapore, we’re already collaborating with over 130 partners in areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, open banking and aggregation platforms.

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Working with a robot

Robots and artifical intelligence (AI) are rapidly changing our world. We asked three ING employees who work with ‘robots’ what it’s like and how it’s impacted their daily jobs.

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AI tool sharpens investor decisions on bonds

Working with Dutch pension fund PGGM, ING developed a web-based application (Katana Lens) that uses predictive analytics to help bond investors make informed choices.

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Banking on blockchain

See what distributed ledger technology is making possible for clients in areas such as trade and commodities financing.

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