Do you want to unleash the power of data to redefine banking?

As an analytics trainee, you’ll use your passion for data to build models and write algorithms that make banking better, smarter and more personal. Your work will have a direct impact on people in over 40 countries worldwide. Join us in driving change and progress.

It all starts with data

Does data excite you? Are you inspired by its potential to reshape banking, based on people’s own personal wants and needs? Your analysis and insights can have impact in countless different ways and across all areas of our business: financial, risk, customer interaction, product development. Data is indispensable when deciding on our pricing strategy, for example, and when analysing and predicting risks with the help of intelligent models. And it drives innovation. It’s the logical starting point for progress. If you’re excited by the possibilities of working with extremely large volumes of data – think of our millions of customers worldwide – we’re excited to hear from you.

You analyse it. You run it.

You will make a tangible contribution to ING’s transformation from a traditional bank into a data-driven tech company. Ultimately, every ING department will collaborate with data experts on business solutions that are relevant to them. You’ll work agile, in teams that are cross-functional, multidisciplinary and often international, with people who are among the best in their field. It’s a steep learning curve. But as a trainee, you’ll have plenty of hands-on experience writing algorithms and building models that have a real impact. If you’re comfortable with this sort of responsibility, we want to hear from you.

Global impact

We’re a global bank operating in 40 countries and many of our projects scale worldwide. Ideas that prove themselves in one market are often rolled out to other regions. You’ll be collaborating with analysts and colleagues in other continents, constantly learning from each other’s successes and failures. As a trainee, you’ll have access to our global learning events, covering every aspect of banking, from the role of banks, to balance sheets to funding, as well as more specific training related to coding, visualisation, engineering, and statistics and methodology. If you are eager to drive change, we are eager to hear from you.


At this moment we don’t have any vacancies within this track. Will we see you back soon?


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