Business Banking

Business Banking is ING’s third segment between Retail Banking and Wholesale Banking. We serve three types of customers: self-employed & micro companies, SMEs and mid-corporates.

Today, Business Banking serves around two million customers across eight markets: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Germany and Australia.

Different experience for different needs

We have a clear vision to provide a differentiating experience for Business Banking customers. Our purpose is to empower them to stay a step ahead in life and business by being the 'go-to place' for managing and accelerating their business.

Great opportunities start here

The Business Banking track within the ING traineeship is a great place to kick-start your career. It provides you with a strong foundation for a career in banking. We are working with a broad range of customers, from entrepreneurs and small businesses (e.g., independent professionals like doctors or lawyers or small family businesses) to mid-sized companies (e.g., domestic retailers, industrial manufacturers, or larger tech players).

That means you not only get end-to-end experience with different types of customers, but exposure to our entrepreneurial spirit and to senior management. You’ll work on various strategic projects across product/ process management, sales or marketing. In other words, a dynamic and fun place to prepare yourself for a pivotal role within the bank!


At this moment we don’t have any vacancies within this track. Will we see you back soon?


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