Retail Banking

Could you bring better banking to millions of people?

As a retail banking trainee, your work will directly impact millions of customers. And if you’ve got smart ideas for how to push banking forward, you’ll be encouraged to make them happen - right from day one.

Help us reinvent banking

Retail Banking is the face of ING for most of our 33 million customers worldwide. With digitalisation erasing borders and conventions, the world of banking is changing fast. As a Retail Banking trainee, you’ll play a central role in driving that change.

Carve your path

The traineeship will give you hands-on experience of every aspect of retail banking: from marketing and product management to branch operations. You can then choose to become an expert in one area or further develop as a project lead. We’ll support any career plans that play to your strengths and make business sense.

Own your projects

We’ve adopted Agile working methods so that we can respond to customer needs faster. Typically, you’ll work within small, specialist teams to deliver critical projects to improve the customer experience. What matters are results – how you deliver them is entirely up to you and your team. 

We’ll expect you to quickly understand complex ideas and take on tricky challenges from the outset. It won’t always be easy, but it will be fulfilling.


At this moment we don’t have any vacancies within this track. Will we see you back soon?


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