Erdinç Özkur

Data is crucial in order to continuously improve our service and efficiency for our customers

After three years of being a Product Owner in a technically oriented data team, Erdinç was keen to get closer to the customer, so he moved into his current role: Lead Reporting in Client Services.

That move meant that he also switched from a low-profile team to one at the heart of the operation. “We’re really involved in customer contact here; our reports directly benefit the call centres and Retail Banking and Business Banking operations.”

“I learnt a lot about the technical side of data during my time as a Product Owner and much of it comes in useful in my current role, which is pretty comprehensive. On a functional level I’m responsible for a group of data analysts who work in various client service areas such as retail operations, the retail contact centre, fraud detection and business banking. For ‘my’ group of data analysts I facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices so that we can improve together and take an even more data-driven approach.”

How well are we performing?

“I’m also involved in measuring the progress of the ING Group’s digitalisation strategy. To what extent are our processes in the Netherlands already digitised, and how can we ensure that we offer our clients a fully digital customer journey, if that’s the best solution for them? Besides that, at Client Services we monitor whether we are delivering on our customer promise. How well are we performing in reality, and how can we fundamentally improve our service and efficiency for our customers? Data is crucial if you want to know that.”

The need to focus

“My role has been specially created and I can largely shape it myself. That’s really interesting, but there’s also a risk… because where do you set the boundaries? Before you know it, you’re taking on all kinds of projects and spreading yourself too thin. You need to focus on the things that make the most impact. And for me, it’s definitely also important that the team is well-oiled and performs well, plus that we all continue to grow in our craftsmanship. I get a huge amount of energy from facilitating that process, especially when I see that it produces results!”

About Erdinç

Erdinç initially started working at ING in 2009 as an external consultant. He joined the company payroll in 2011, working first as an information manager and later as a data analyst. He lives in Heerhugowaard with his wife and son. They have recently bought a plot of land on which to build their own house. Erdinç and his son share a passion for football. Additionally, Erdinç can be found doing the Workout of the Day in the CrossFit Box on an almost daily basis.

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