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ING Hubs România

ING Hubs România este un hub global de tehnologie care furnizează peste 150 de servicii de dezvoltare software, management al datelor, risc non-financiar și audit. În prezent, echipa ING Hubs România este formată din peste 1300 de specialiști care lucrează în echipe globale.

Proiectele noastre

Suntem o echipă de ingineri talentați și pasionați ce dezvoltăm soluții software pentru 24 de entități ale companiei, la nivel global. Proiectele noastre au impact asupra clienților din toată lumea și ajută la transformarea digitală a ING.

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ICSROM - Tech makes an appearance

Tech makes an appearance

Suntem mereu în contact cu comunitatea de profesioniști din industrie prin aparițiile din presă, participând sau găzduind evenimente. Află mai multe aici!

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Cariere @ING Hubs România

Ești gata să faci următorul pas din cariera ta sau ești în căutarea unei aventuri noi? Descoperă oportunitățile de carieră și alătură-te mediului dinamic și provocator din ING Hubs România.


Going passwordless with Web Authentication

During Voxxed Days Bucharest 2022, Bogdan and Mihaita discussed password vulnerability, explainers, damage control, secure second-factor login, topped off with biometric-based authentication using open web standards.

Hybrid Cloud Data Platform as a service

Gentiana Curculescu, IT Area Lead of Global Data Services at ING Hubs Romania, aimed in her talk at Big Data Week 2021 to offer answers for a couple of stimulating questions, such as How to leverage data fabric capabilities to orchestrate a scattered data.

Functional web APIs

Writing concurrent, fast, and reliable APIs is hard but what if we could make them easier toreason about, easier to test, easier to debug, and easier to parallelize? In this talk, you are going to see how we can apply functional programming concepts to improve the readability and performance of our APIs and how to integrate these concepts with the frameworks we use in our day-to-day job.

A close look at the Data Management Tribe in ING Tech

Teams in ING Tech Romania, being part of the Global Data Management Tribe, have a substantial contribution to the overall data strategy.

Green Threads: the Great Return

Lucian Roșu's talk, "Green Threads: the Great Return" was a deep dive into Project Loom and its ambition to provide easy-to-use, high-throughput lightweight concurrency and new programming models on the Java platform.

Introducing the Financial Markets Area in ING Tech

The Financial Markets team delivers viable IT solutions for trading, risk analysis and hedging.

Discover ING Tech

Discover ING Tech`s workplace from our colleague, Paula, Feature Engineer.

Remote working @ING Tech Romania

Since mid-March ING Tech Romania`s team is working from home. Recruitment and Onboarding processes moved online and now you can find out from our colleague, Robert, Feature Engineer in Core Banking team, how he started his activity online.

Ready to join the IPA Team?

Find out more about IPA Team (ING`s Risk Pricing Architecture) from our colleague, Cristian Toader - Java Chapter Lead in ING Tech Romania

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