This is how diverse our culture is at ING

What were the reasons to establish an ING Cultural Diversity Community?

Dunja: As part of the D&I Days 2021, various ING colleagues came together to address the many topics and issues surrounding cultural diversity. We have about 40 different nationalities working for us, which makes ING a diverse workplace due to its many cultural influences. To give all cultures a platform for exchange, we founded the ING Cultural Diversity Community.

We also specifically address difficult topics such as racism and discrimination in the workplace in order to raise everyone's awareness, stimulate dialogue and contribute to a more inclusive culture with concrete sources of inspiration.

Why are you involved in the Community? Why is the topic so important to you?

Kristina: Cultural diversity has always been a big part of both of our lives. We are involved because we want to create a platform for all employees to engage in a cultural exchange. We find it very exciting and interesting to enable our colleagues to get to know and understand the different cultures that come together in the workplace. Through networking, we would like to empower everyone at ING.

What projects or events have emerged from the Community?

Dunja: In 2021, we organized our first workshop with an inspiring external speaker titled "Let's talk about racism – also at ING?” In addition, the Cultural Diversity Community has published a guide for employees on how to take concrete action as a person affected by or a witness to the event of racism or discrimination in the workplace. In addition to other internal initiatives (e.g. employee survey on cultural diversity), we were able to inform our employees and managers and inspire them to take action in 2022 with a panel discussion called "Together against discrimination and racism – how exactly?” We also regularly inform our community about the topics and issues that move us in the Cultural Diversity Group.

How can employees get involved?

Kristina: New employees and members of the Cultural Diversity Community can get involved both as community members and as core organizers. Particularly when they join our core team, employees can help direct the activities and events and contribute their ideas. They can also support our ING internal Community page where we continuously publish new, innovative, and interesting content.

Is there anything else you would like to say that we haven't asked yet?

Kristina and Dunja: Our goal is to provide a safe space for all colleagues. We would therefore summarize our purpose like this: “We as the ING Cultural Diversity Community offer a safe network including cultural knowledge sharing, events and workshops to all employees so that everyone feels encouraged and appreciated.”

About the authors

Kristina has been working in the financial industry for over 6 years. She has implemented regulatory projects as an external consultant in various banks and then worked as a compliance team leader at a foreign bank. Today, as Compliance Manager at ING Germany, she is responsible in particular for the topic of sustainability. In addition to her work in the banking world, she enjoys traveling and is passionate about going to the opera and ballet.

Dunja started at ING Germany in April 2021 in the Junior Expert Program. After getting to know different areas of the bank through various rotations, she took on the role of Customer Journey Expert in the Business Banking tribe. Besides working at the bank, she loves trying new restaurants and coffees in Frankfurt and spending time with her family and friends.

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