Product Service and Technology

We are all for you.

Information technologies, operational departments, product management and marketing communication departments all join forces in order to optimize the customer experience within ING.
All processes, ranging from design of the best experience for the customer to introduction of the most suitable product into the market, take place in an active environment, which includes "squad" and "tribes", and in which you can set your own targets and adopt decisions freely.
If you are included in ING, your ideas are always more valuable than those you have performed. Do you have room for this in your dreams?


Marketing Communication

The foundation of a solid brand never-to-be-forgotten is laid here. Moreover, with a great fun.

The brand and campaign management, management of the social media accounts, and management of the complaints received from such channels are carried out by the marketing communication by creating communication strategies in line with ING's targets.

Rest assured, you will be part of a team that affects the millions of customers, hundreds of companies and thousands of employees.

Product and Project Management

Exciting new products, features and much more. As a product manager, you can introduce your dream product, which thoroughly belongs to you, into the market. If you are responsible for arrangement and marketing, then as a project manager you can put your signature under the smooth progress of each of our projects.

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