Why ING?

Why ING?

We are continuously developing new opportunities for you; more than we can shake a stick at.

A fascinating career. A tough job with lots of freedom. Leaving an impression on the millions of persons. More growth opportunities. Fun and inspiring workplaces. An open and dynamic culture. And most importantly, the colleagues who temp to think big and to do big things just like you. You can be part of a team that likes to help each other shine and progress within ING.

Our Remuneration Policy

Equal work, equal performance, equal remuneration.

We consider each employee as an indispensable member of our family and we do not discriminate any members in the family. We rank them based on the works performed, their extent of contribution to the organization, and the knowledge, problem-solving skills and responsibility level of our employees, and we perform an equal remuneration distribution accordingly.

Social Opportunities

The satisfaction of our employees is very valuable to us. We would like to demonstrate this value, we attach on them, through the vested benefits, we provide to them, and we continuously improve ourselves in this field.

Training and Development

We are aware that development of our employees will improve ING. We support the trainings they receive in line with their career targets, and we intend to create a capital of usable knowledge and skills by training the right person at the right time by means of the right method.

Flexible Working Model

Within ING, you will primarily be yourself and secondarily ING.

We want our employees to discover themselves within ING. By developing many different flexible working models that support this, we expect the FlexING practice to bring the high motivation, energy and brand new success to the business life through an employee-oriented approach.

By FlexING, we intend to establish a balance between business and personal life and to increase the motivation and engagement of the employees, and to contribute the business efficiency, business effectiveness and time saving for our bank.

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