Business Support

Business Support

As ING, we intend to provide an excellent experience not only with our customers, but also with our colleagues and all our stakeholders.
We are taking steps for the future as a confident organization by bringing together the insights and analyses that we receive from the finance and accounting teams and the professionalism of our HR teams.

Human Resources

ING employees make the difference within ING. We enable our employees to shine by improving themselves, accordingly to bring ING to a unique point with respect to the employee experience. We first make ourselves happy thorough our innovative works carried out by improving ourselves continuously. We are together in order to:

  • Develop the strategies to discover the new talents;
  • To build a strong corporate culture;
  • Put the employee experience at the center of the processes;
  • To achieve to be a constantly learning organization;
  • To redefine the career paths for the new and existing employees.

Join us if you want to discover the brand new working models throughout the world and to introduce the global human resources strategies into our country.

Financial Accounting

The finance team that even the bankers consult is within ING. ING Turkey financial professionals will support the business lines and management team with respect to all matters in relation to finance.

Finance group, consisting of the following departments, fully handles all matters within the field of finance:

  • Financial Accounting and Tax
  • Managerial Accounting and Purchasing
  • Bank Treasury


Meet the principal heroes of the success: Those behind the scenes!

Hardware, software, management, inter-office layout... ING's success is based on all these teams working together in harmony.

Project and Process Management

Correct and perfect management of the process is the secret key of the success within ING.

Do you like to organize? As a project manager, you can ensure that each project and process progresses smoothly.

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