Risk and Compliance

Two keystones of ING are: Security and compliance.

As a bank, we have a great responsibility to our customers. We must make sure that we gain the trust of the millions of persons each day. This is where our audit and legal specialists become involved; they never allow mistakes by monitoring the risks.

Our risk and compliance teams work with great care in order not to damage the trust of our customers. Because our priority is your safety.


The audits play a vital role within ING. Our teams working in this filed are not only responsible for internal audit, but also monitor the risks and assess the controls with respect to the complex matters. We have eyes like a hawk thanks to them.


Banking means the legal processes that change each day. The ING legal team consists of the special persons, who manage this process successfully, and who attach great importance to the compliance with the laws. Because the compliance with the laws is indispensable with respect to all processes of ING.


Our risk managers work hard in order to analyze the cases, and to provide advices, and to communicate with the customers and colleagues in a range of different risk specialties (loan risk management, market risk management, operational risk management, etc.). Can you help us decide which risks we can take?

Risk Analitikleri ekibinde kariyer olanakları
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