Annet Rinia

My department is really interesting because you get to see the big picture of the bank’s financial situation

Annet enjoyed working as an account manager and credit specialist for business customers at various banks before realising that her heart really lies with ‘the numbers’.

“After joining ING I first spent a number of years working in the credit department for business customers, namely for large corporates. When it became apparent that there were a number of changes on the horizon, I started to think about what I really wanted to do. To be honest, I already knew: what I enjoy most is financial analysis and taking deep dives into the annual results.”

“So I decided to do a postgraduate course in Accounting & Reporting – although it wasn’t easy with two small children at home – which gave me a stronger foundation to switch to the Finance Accounting department. I immediately loved it, and the final piece of the puzzle fell into place when my current position in Financial Reporting became vacant two years ago.”

Explaining the figures

“In our job, we need to be able to explain all the figures and all the financial movements of ING Netherlands. If our mortgage portfolio is declining, our interest income is down or our cash flow is up, we provide the explanations and insights based on the numbers. We also produce all the financial reports for internal and external parties, such as De Nederlandsche Bank.”

“In my team, each colleague is responsible for a number of focus areas. I’m responsible for securities, the provisions for loss-making loans, software capitalisation and reporting on the deposit guarantee scheme, which guarantees that account holders will be reimbursed up to €100,000 if the bank goes bankrupt. In addition, everyone in the team contributes to various reports. That gives us all a good idea of what’s going on with the bank’s financial situation; it’s really interesting to see the big picture.”

Getting your teeth into new topics

“We produce the monthly and quarterly reports required by the external regulators and we provide input for ING’s annual report. Besides that, we are also involved in a variety of projects. For example, I’ve been working on our real estate portfolio and I’m currently involved in a project to classify SME and corporate clients as defined by the regulators. I really like the variety this creates. You’re continuously getting your teeth into new topics and working with different people within the organisation, so you’re learning all the time and your job never becomes routine.”

The customer behind the numbers

“I’m very happy that I made the switch to Finance a couple of years ago and that I’m still doing this work at ING. Although I’m a real number-cruncher, I’m also well aware that behind all the numbers are real customers that I used to support directly. This job completes the circle and I have a great team too... I’m in the perfect place now!”


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About Annet

Annet did a part-time bachelor’s degree in Management, Economics and Law alongside her work, followed by a postgraduate course in Financial Accounting & Reporting. She lives with her husband and their two children in Amsterdam. She does yoga and kickboxing, and trains her son’s football team once every few weeks. She enjoys playing Wordfeud to relax and, since the lockdowns, she has started growing fruit and vegetables in her own garden.

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