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The world of Human Resources

HR vision: To further develop the craftsmanship and engagement of our people to help them deliver on our purpose and our strategy.

Nowadays, people want to do as much as possible themselves online, with as little external intervention as possible. In their eyes, good service is self-service. Yet on those occasions when they decide they need some personalised help, they want it to be the best available: professional, informed, immediate. Serving people well in today’s world means balancing two seemingly contradictory needs: self-service and full-service. So our aim is to make it easy for them to manage their own matters online, while also giving them the very best personal attention whenever they need it. 

ING is a place where people can reach their highest potential, and keep developing. We believe that you can make a change if you pursue your own purpose and take responsibility for the development of your career, regardless of your age. We invest in leadership and craftsmanship. This way, our people will become more valuable for ING and other  employees. We believe in a ‘new deal’ between ING and the employee where “employment-for-life” is replaced by opportunities where people can increase their market value and gain experience during the time of employment at ING.

We believe that ING is full of motivated craftsmen people who are determined to bring out their full potential. This is how we reach our Think Forward stategy. The key factors are leadership, boosting collaboration and fostering continuous learning.

Changes in HR

In order to extend this service-based approach to all of our own people too, we are currently making four significant changes within HR:

  • Globally standardised and simplified people processes.

  • Implementation of a single global people information system to empower our employees with direct and real-time access to people-related information and services, when and where they need it.

  • Building great people services by bringing everyone together in one way of working with a world-class partner to create a differentiated employee experience.

  • Creating dedicated specialist HR departments – People Services and greater Business Partners – both supported by Communities of Expertise to ensure a more focused HR approach.

The HR organisation

Our HR organisation is structured around three different departments:

People Services. Specialists who handle daily queries and requests coming in via Workday and our contact centres. Global and local People Services teams also maintain service quality and drive continuous improvement. Our vision to create a differentiated customer experience means striving for unrivalled responsiveness and service excellence. We must now extend this ambition to the employee experience.

HR Business Partners. Professionals who work with business managers to enhance their managerial capabilities and support their strategic people-related decisions, such as talent and succession planning, people development and team performance.

Communities of Expertise. HR experts who design and improve people processes in the areas of Performance and Rewards, Talent and Learning, and People Analytics. They are responsible for ensuring ING has access to the very best in terms of new and existing HR tools, processes and initiatives.

Training and career development

Needless to say, when it comes to ongoing training and career development at ING, we don’t forget our HR specialists! We provide a wealth of opportunities so you can continue to learn and progress in your career. Our support ranges from a wide variety of training courses to individual coaching.

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