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We can always rely on each other

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The world of Sales Support & Operations

Employees in support roles are essential in an organisation as large as ING

ING’s customers have come to expect nothing less than excellent service – but maintaining such high service levels requires extensive work behind the scenes. ING’s colleagues in Sales Support ensure that all the internal processes needed to provide optimal support to our customers continue to run smoothly. The professionals working at ING in the field of Operations ensure that everyone within ING is able to get on with their own jobs without having to worry about the hardware, software, business applications, office equipment, administrative services or other support systems they use.

Keep processes running smoothly

You keep the processes within our company running smoothly and efficiently. Working in a support function, whether it’s secretarial, IT / technical support or financial administration, your contribution is essential to ING’s day-to-day operations.

At the heart of the business

A lot of your work is done ‘behind the scenes’ but you’re nevertheless at the heart of the business. You might be supporting a particular department or business line, or perhaps you’re working horizontally across the whole organisation. Whatever your role, your customers (i.e. your colleagues) can depend on you. What could be better than knowing that you are contributing to ING’s ongoing commitment to improving its level of customer service – after all, that’s what it’s all about.

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