Jolande van den Broek

I enjoy a healthy debate. It helps us to make progress together

In her role as Quality Manager Investments, Jolande coaches and guides her former colleagues in order to continuously improve the quality of the investment advice they provide.

“I did my graduation assignment within Private Banking at ING, and I never left. I felt very at home with the company, the people and the financial sector itself. I started out as an assistant account manager, then progressed to senior account manager and later became an investment advisor. In my current role I provide coaching and advice to the investment advisors, aimed at taking their customer advice to the next level. We have a shared goal: the further development and professionalisation of ING’s investment-related services. I cover the south-eastern region of the Netherlands, which means rotating between the four regional offices.”

Raising the bar

“A large part of my work entails checking investment advice – both new and amended proposals. I look at things like whether the recommendations comply with our quality guidelines and the legal requirements, whether they are aligned with the customer’s goals and whether there is a clear overview of the financial data. I discuss my findings with the relevant advisor on a one-to-one basis. Besides the checking and advisory role, I also work with the other quality managers to devise solutions that will optimise processes and raise the bar in terms of the quality of our service. Because we speak to so many different sales colleagues throughout the country, we’re quick to pick up on signals that can form the basis for improvement initiatives. As a result, I’m always working on at least one – if not more – projects, such as improving dashboarding, automating information for Sales or expanding the sales-lead system. Those projects make a nice change from my checking and coaching tasks.”

Healthy debate

“There has been a quality manager specifically for investments for several years now. We’ve noticed that we’ve made great strides, including in the quality of our investment advice. It’s rewarding to see that I can contribute to the further development of our investment advisors, and that they themselves are very keen to improve. They often tell me that they now have a better understanding of how to structure their proposals and that my feedback helps them to do their jobs even better. And sometimes we get into a healthy debate; I’m definitely not averse to that. In fact, I enjoy it. It helps us to make progress together!”

About Jolande

Jolande studied fiscal law and economics at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven and did her graduation assignment within Private Banking at ING. She has two young children. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling in the fresh air – either on her road bike or mountain bike. She also makes it a priority to spend time with her family and friends.

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