Innovation and Project Management

The world of Innovation and Project Management

Innovation at ING isn’t about the latest gadgets or gizmos, but rather creating a differentiating experience for customers. Making their lives better. ING has a variety of ways of turning great ideas into products and services that customers really need. Our innovation fund invests in and partnering with financial technology (fintech) companies via ING Ventures, as well as developing our own unique innovation method – PACE.


To increase the speed and impact of our performance, we have consolidated all our innovation activities into one business area called ING Neo, reporting directly to the chief executive officer. ING Neo will innovate for both customers and ING itself.

ING Ventures

ING Ventures is the venture capital arm of ING making minority investments in early stage companies that have a strategic relevance to ING. It targets disruptive technologies that have the potential to impact ING’s business and ensure customers and clients get access to best-in-class services.

Based in Amsterdam but shadowing ING’s geographic footprint of 41 countries, ING Ventures is a fund that not only drives innovation within ING, but also helps entrepreneurs with hands-on support, know-how, scaling expertise and access to our distribution network.Labs

ING has Labs in four cities around the world, one is based in Amsterdam where we build and validate new businesses by combining our knowledge and network with the knowledge and skills of others.

A company that transforms like ING needs change in both organisation and methods, as well as optimisation of processes, systems and customer experience. To achieve that change we are always searching for Business Consultants, Road Managers, Blackbelts, Business Analysts and Agile Coaches.


ING Labs

We’re always looking for new ways to do things faster, better, cheaper. To move out of our comfort zone, so that we can better serve the needs of customers. ING Labs uses ING’s knowledge and network to bring products and businesses to market.

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