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ICSNLD - CARD Risk Model validation

Model Validation

Improving ING’s risk models making a better bank

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ICSNLD - CARD Risk Traineeship

Risk Traineeship

The route to a pivotal role within risk management

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The world of Risk Management

Are you a creative thinker, problem solver, data miner or a risk balancer. It’s time to make your mark on the world.

Risk management is essential to safeguard ING’s future. It has a broad scope and covers the management of credit risk, market risk, operational risk, model risk and compliance risk. Here’s how:

Use your knowledge to make banking better

More and more people live their lives on digital platforms. That’s where we want to be. We want to be part of people’s lives and their businesses, helping them to make better financial decisions. We want to be the innovative go-to place for all their finance matters. Take our mobile banking app, which is personal, easy and smart. The kind of new customer experiences you can help us deliver.

Contribute to a safe and secure bank for millions

Managing risk is about balancing the risks we are – and aren’t – prepared to take as a bank. It’s an integral part of what we do and contributes to our strategic goals. Of course it involves 'traditional' risk areas, such as credit, market and operational risk. But in today’s world – and that of tomorrow – non-financial risks such as environmental, behavioural, data and cyber risk are increasingly prominent. You can use your skills to help us identify, measure, analyse and assess the likelihood of risks. It’s how we can secure our bank’s ongoing financial stability, protect our customer data and ensure our products are safe to use.

Get to know everything about modelling

We use advanced data-driven techniques and technologies to design models in the broadest sense. You can use your powers to create and validate these models. You’ll be challenged to come up with the best possible solutions. And you’ll be able to pool your knowledge and share your experience with colleagues from around the world to challenge models and continuously learn new approaches.

This is your chance to contribute and shape the future of modelling and model risk management in a multi-cultural working environment that empowers you to work in the best way and offers opportunities to those who want to take them.

Make a real impact

The models you work on can have an impact on thousands of people: you’re a design thinker for the future of our bank and our customers.  Successful innovations are scaled globally as we standardise and automate with impact, for example capital provision models or to detect pricing fraud.

Keep growing

You can count on the opportunity to grow, both as an individual and with your team. We believe diverse teams drive innovation, are more productive and lead to more robust decisions. Not to mention they’re more fun to work in. We collaborate and help each other to become better at what we do. There’s room for PhDs and you’ll be able to share your knowledge with others inside and outside the bank in publications, at universities, conferences and workshops.

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