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The world of Risk Management

Excellent opportunities for economists, statisticians and business analysts in our Credit Risk Management department and Market Risk Management department.

Credit Risk Management

Within the Credit Risk Management unit, you are involved in working on an unambiguous platform for approving loans. Furthermore, this department is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the potential corporate risks for ING associated with the management of credit risk. Additionally, Credit Risk Management also takes the lead in setting up and maintaining all the business processes which support these activities, such as risk research and the development of specific IT systems.

Market Risk Management

The Market Risk Management unit’s task is to keep the market risk of ING’s global banking and trading activities within acceptable levels. When making this assessment, the company profits and the amount of investment capital required always need to be taken into account. The main activities of Market Risk Management are:

  • Analysing market risks
  • Keeping a close eye on ING’s market risk profile amongst bankers and investors
  • Determining policies
  • Delivering management information
  • Consolidating risks

    A pragmatic approach to risk management

    Our Risk Management employees are well-known for their pragmatic approach, which is essential for them in working well with the business units within ING. It goes without saying that you have to have a head for figures and an analytical mind to be able to work in this department, but strong communication skills – in both Dutch and English – are just as vital.

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