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The world of Marketing & Communications

You can’t get much more high-profile than a role in Marketing and Communications at ING.

Every day we are in direct contact with millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of businesses with regard to their financial situation. It is ING’s aim to be a bank that allows its customers to handle their finances conveniently from the comfort of their homes at attractively low charges. And a bank they can turn to for professional and expert advice.

Marketing and Communications in the broadest sense

It is any marketing specialist’s dream to work in marketing or communications at ING. We always contact the customer directly so that we can arrive at the optimal long-term solution for all parties concerned. The organisation has everything you could wish for to ensure an interesting and challenging marketing role, including:

  • Enormous target group, both consumers and businesses
  • Internal communication reaching thousands of employees
  • Strong brand awareness and impact
  • Dynamic and often turbulent financial sector
  • Increasing role of innovative technologies in the bank’s service offering
  • Ongoing growth of internet and social media in marketing and communications

Opportunities for talented Marketing and Communications specialists

We are well aware that we will only meet our ambitious goals with the very best people on board. That’s why we are keen to recruit talented Marketing and Communications specialists, market researchers, database marketers and pricing experts. We offer a large number of marketing and communications positions at all levels, ranging from strategy and implementation to support roles.
We don’t settle for anything less than the most promising and versatile individuals. Once on board, you receive all the scope and resources you need to really shine – as well as an excellent salary, of course.

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