Milyska van den Dolder

We’re the bank’s last line of defence

Milyska van den Dolder has an IT background and in her first few years at ING she was mainly focused on IT audits. But with her hunger for knowledge about business and finance, she evolved into an all-round auditor and has since worked in a very diverse range of audit-related roles within the bank. As of January 2019 she will be working in Quality Assurance.

“In my current role in Professional Practices Management I’m focused on the ‘how’ of auditing. I train colleagues across the globe, from Eastern Europe to Turkey and from New York to Madrid. Twice a year, our department also organises a week in Amsterdam for all new audit colleagues from around the world to get them off to a good start and ensure that everyone works and reports their findings in the same way.”

“My current role is very interesting, but I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now so I feel ready for a new challenge. That’s why I’m moving into Quality Assurance, which is where you audit fellow auditors, so that should be really interesting too! In the longer term I’d like to move back into auditing; after all, that’s my true profession. I’m keen to conduct research, really dig down into the operations and collaborate closely with colleagues. My previous experience will definitely come in useful because I’ve gained an even deeper understanding of the audit process and I’m now even more convinced than ever of the importance of our work. As auditors, we’re the bank’s last line of defence. We provide certainty...the guarantee that things are being done properly.”

The combination of technology and business is the next big thing

“I’ve been working at ING since 2005 and I’ve always had every opportunity to evolve and progress. Somehow or other there has been a constant stream of people with a new role or new project for me, which I’ve then thrown myself into wholeheartedly. But it has also taken a lot of effort on my part; I’ve always studied in parallel with my work, and I’m currently doing the Register Accountant course at VU University. That knowledge isn’t directly relevant in my job as ‘auditor of the auditors’, but I’m so focused on financial figures, I just want to understand them. I’ve always been like that. I think that the combination of technology and business will be the next big thing. It’s no coincidence that so many business people are brushing up on their knowledge of technology, and I’m doing it the other way around... On top of that, I enjoy studying. It’s difficult sometimes, especially in combination with my family and my work, but I’m taking it at my own pace and I’m certain I will succeed.”

About Milyska

Milyska obtained a bachelor’s degree in IT and followed that up with a postdoctoral degree in IT Audit at VU University. She then studied business administration and recently embarked on the Register Accountant course, both also at VU University. She is very into fitness, especially Tai Chi and running, but what with her family, work, studying and two puppies, she doesn’t always manage to find the time. Her children’s sports activities come first, and “looking after two puppies is like a sport in itself!”

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