Remco Tijburg

Protecting our customers, society and the bank itself

In the 25-plus years that Remco has been working at ING, he has switched roles numerous times. But his most recent switch was the most striking one, when he moved from the international world of credit risk to tackling corruption and money laundering.

“I never dreamed I would stay at ING for so long, of course, but it doesn’t actually feel that long because I’ve worked in so many different environments – thanks to a combination of taking the initiative and seizing the opportunities that arise. My various roles in credit risk meant that I saw loans in all shapes and sizes; that was a really fun, challenging and dynamic time.”

“And then in 2018, ING started to put even more emphasis on the detection and prevention of money laundering and corruption. By then, I had been working in the credit world for about 24 years and achieved so much there. But this new focus sparked my interest and I wondered whether I could somehow add value for the Compliance department, which is involved in preventing financial fraud. And not long afterwards, I got the opportunity to do so.”

Daunting but refreshing

“I didn’t have a compliance background, but I did know how to organise a team, how to create a pleasant work environment and how to get things done. In terms of the subject matter, I was totally out of my comfort zone. That was a little daunting but also very refreshing. And of course, I contributed my risk analysis and risk assessment experience – which is very useful in bringing compliance closer to the business – plus common sense and my moral compass. Thanks to asking lots of questions to the people I work with, all of whom are experts in their fields, I’m learning more every day.”

New phase, new energy

“Together, we’re taking compliance into a new phase, with new energy. It’s an extremely important domain in the context of protecting our customers, society and the bank itself. I’m proud that we’ve made such impressive progress already. The department is a nice mix of commercial colleagues who know our customers, alongside lawyers, economists and criminologists. We are all driven by the same ambition: to protect our customers, society and the bank by combating fraud and corruption.”


“I’m very pleased that I took the leap into my new role. I really had to reinvent myself and tap into new skills and capabilities. But I’ve never shied away from a challenge and a little discomfort. That has helped me to come a long way, and I’m pretty proud of that. Plus it means that the past quarter of a century at ING has flown by!”

About Remco

Remco started at ING as a trainee after having obtained a master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam and serving in the army. In 2000, he did a master’s in International Finance in parallel with his job. He worked in numerous commercial and risk management positions in Lending before switching to Compliance. Remco and his wife have four children who are now all studying at university. He has a wide taste in music, ranging from classical to rock, and regularly goes to concerts. Remco is also very physically active and especially loves spending time in the mountains, either hiking or off-piste skiing. He recently started taking flying lessons too. 

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