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Economic Research

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The world of Economic Research

The Economic Research department is where we monitor and share the macro-economic developments and trends in the world around us and assess the impact of these events on areas relevant to our customers. 

Insights for consumers and businesses

For consumers, the Economic Research unit keeps track of all recent economic changes in topical areas such as purchasing power, pensions and the housing market. We interpret these developments from the point of view of the impact they could have on our customers’ financial situations. We also share our experience and expertise as much as possible with our business clients. The Economic Research department conducts its own research, as well as analysing information from other sources, and shares any relevant findings with companies via publications and presentations. We have a team of economists, each specialised in a particular business sector. They know their sector inside out and have substantial contact with companies in their market.

International scope

The economists within ING’s Economic Research unit work in close collaboration with our economists in London and Brussels as well as having local contacts in Latin America and Asia. Our scope is truly global.

Sharing expertise, internally and externally

Working in ING’s Economic Research unit entails more than just conducting research and monitoring trends. We predict, publish, present and speak at press conferences. We are often approached by the media to provide an expert’s view of various economic topics. We frequently hold presentations for individual business customers and companies, and can often be found as speakers at seminars and congresses at home and abroad. Our economists are not only great with figures – they are also highly-skilled communicators. Our department is increasingly focused on providing a service to our consumer clients and business customers but we don’t neglect our internal clients either – another essential aspect of our work is providing input to various departments within ING including Risk Management, Marketing and, of course, ING’s board of directors.

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