Marissa Gijsen

It’s unbelievable how much is involved in developing a new financial product

After doing her traineeship in Retail Banking and a number of years in Mid Corporates, Marissa moved on to her current position as Safe Business Officer in the Business Lending tribe. She has discovered that designing and creating financial products and processes is very complex, but above all very interesting!

“After a few fun and interesting years in the Mid Corporates front office, where I was responsible for customers’ financing issues, I wanted to work more behind the scenes and make greater use of the knowledge from my Law degree. Our Business Lending tribe develops, manages and improves financial products and processes for our front-office colleagues and their corporate customers. All products and processes must be secure and comply both with ING’s internal policies and with laws and regulations.”  

‘My work ranges from purely operational matters to strategy and advice’

“My scope is incredibly broad, ranging from purely operational work to strategic advice and sharing knowledge with colleagues. I’m involved in developing new products and reviewing existing ones, and assessing and testing whether the right checks have been built in and whether they work. People also enlist my help to deal with incidents such as potential fraud, plus I’m involved in issue management.”  

“Needless to say, due to such a wide field of work, I have contact with a huge number of people within the organisation. For example, I work with Customer Journey Experts, colleagues in Know Your Customer (KYC) and Legal, with my tribe’s management team and with the Chief Operations Officer. I also interact with external parties, such as auditors. I really like that diversity in my work and having contact with people at all levels, plus it gives me a nice overview of Business Lending. I certainly learn a lot!” 

Great achievement

“In this role, I see just how much work is involved in developing and managing financial products and processes. The design, functionality, compliance, user-friendliness and monitoring… it all has to be right and come together before anything can go live. I can honestly say that it’s a great achievement by all concerned to arrive at a product or process that works perfectly for our customers and – even better – actually surprises them. And because it’s so complex, it’s never boring.” 

‘Such a close-knit team is extremely motivating’

“I’m very pleased I made the move to this job a few years ago. My time in the Mid Corporate front office was very valuable and I’m grateful for all the knowledge I gained there, but my current role suits me better. It’s hard work, but in our department there’s also a really good balance between work and play. We do a lot of things together socially – padel, skiing trips, after-works drinks – and there’s a lot of laughter. We’re a close-knit team and that’s extremely motivating!”


  • Studied Law in Leiden with a specialisation in Mergers & Acquisitions and Insolvency Law
  • During her final year worked at Uber as an International Account Manager, including for Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Lives in the De Pijp neighbourhood of Amsterdam
  • Goes to the gym, and cycles to work on her e-bike
  • Likes to travel and has a soft spot for Asia.

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