Rewin Chotkan

European karate champion becomes ING fan

His background as a top athlete still comes in useful every day. As a karateka, Rewin Chotkan already had an analytical and strategic approach and a strong drive to succeed. These qualities are also prominent among his colleagues in Business Banking.

Rewin ended his sporting career as a European champion when he was already working at ING. “I arrived in this job through a roundabout route. I started as an intern in Corporate Clients, in a Relationship Management team. That was a practical choice, because ING was close by, so I could save travel time and continue to train. I never imagined it, but I was hooked right from the start. I loved the analytical aspect of the work – without having to be a numbers nerd – as well as the commercial side and the customer contact. I became an ING fan instantly.”


“There were no traineeships available in Corporate Clients, but through a talent pool I joined one of the ING branches as a Business Advisor and soon afterwards I was able to move to a job at head office. In the meantime I had already built up a good network and in a roundabout way I came into contact with Business Banking. I’ve been an Associate there since July 2020.”

Right-hand man

“I’m now where I want to be: in a commercial team providing financing for large companies in Building & Industry. I’m one of the associates in this team, the relationship manager’s right-hand man. I prepare all the information for our customer and prospect interviews, such as business analyses and market and sector research. As an associate you also have to be constantly aware of trends, developments and current events in your sector. You bring all this together in a well-honed presentation, as a basis for the interview.”

Running or standing still, but mostly running

“In this role I’ve rediscovered that perfect combination of analysis and commerce. I liked that from day one at ING. Another aspect I like is that our customers are always alert, and that challenges me to stay alert too. I need that challenge. I like to achieve goals, just like I used to in sport. That drive is also an essential part of this work, and I see it in my colleagues too. It’s great to be part of such a team. And although I’m always running or standing still (mostly running), I still have a great work-life balance. I can manage my own time as long as I achieve the agreed results. So I never have any problem combining my work with my two small children at home.”

About Rewin

After secondary school Rewin studied commercial economics, “because everyone did”, but he mainly focused on his sport. His childhood and young adult life were dominated by karate. Later he took a Master’s in finance & investment at Erasmus University, where he had top sport status. He does crossfit, has a family with two young children and likes meeting up with friends. He has been working at ING since 2013.

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