Your next step as a senior Engineer

Your next step as a senior Engineer

As a Chapter Lead you have the complete overview and insight on the capabilities, expertise and experience of your chapter members and you will be responsible in grooming their growth and wellbeing.

Together with the IT Area Lead and other Chapter Leads a vision is developed and executed to inspire engineers to grow and drive technological innovation. Managing your chapter means enabling our engineers to grow their mastery and to develop themselves through continuous on-the-job coaching, 1:1 conversations, creating a development plan and monitoring it together. 

Like Sanjay: “I know what it takes to keep techies happy and motivated. As my chapter consists of developers, it helps that I have broad experience in Tech and that I still work as an expert lead engineer; I understand where they’re coming from and what they need – we speak a common language.” 

Jens is a data analyst for half of the time and a chapter lead for the other half. 

 “Coaching people and enabling them to work better based on specialist knowledge is something I had wanted to do for a long time. My work as chapter lead allows me to do just that; I spend 50% of my time coaching people and making the organisation more data-driven, and for the rest of the time I work in a squad (team) as a data analyst. That combination of dealing with content and coaching people suits me perfectly.”

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Unfortunately, we have no vacancies in this area at this moment.

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