ING Infra

A world of technical wizardry

Everyone in the Netherlands knows ING’s mobile app, Mijn ING, and for IT engineers it is the most visible opportunity within ING. But applications like this conceal a hidden world of technical wizardry: ING Infra. So which options are there for a DevOps engineer to make a technical and creative contribution to that world?

Without infrastructure, there would be no fast, stable and user-optimised (down to the finest detail) applications, nor would there be smoothly operating internal systems, seamless transaction handling or customer-friendly apps and websites. ING’s infra department ensure the flawless operation of the entire IT infrastructure underlying all the bank’s internal and external digital applications. The department provides everything needed for application hosting: from hardware in the data centres to networks, data storage, virtualisation and operating systems.


At this moment we don’t have any vacancies within this expertise. Will we see you back soon?

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