Bidisha Agarwal

First and foremost, a transformation process is about the people

In a transformation process, technology is a means to achieve your goal, but it’s definitely not the top priority. Quite a bold statement from an IT Lead, but it’s precisely what Bidisha Agarwal’s message will be during her presentation at European Women in Tech.

Transformation has been Bidisha’s focus area for the past two and a half years, so it was only logical she’d choose it as the topic for her talk at the conference. “I have learnt so much over the past few years; I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone, have reached out to my coaches time and again, and tried to understand how organisational development really works. I will share the essence of my conclusions from all this with the audience.”

Technology is the means to an end

“Although most people tend to see ‘transformation’ as a synonym for ‘digitalisation’, I’ve learned it is not really one and the same. First and foremost, a transformation process is more about the people and the mindset to make the organisational shift required for a transformation. This is often underestimated when embarking on a big change. Technology is a means to an end.”

Always looking for food for thought

A techie at heart, Bidisha is used to approaching things logically and analytically. She is eager to share the experiences, lessons learned and mistakes made during her own journey of discovery. “Similarly, I love to learn from other peoples’ experiences. For me, it’s the best and fastest way to improve and grow. I’m always looking for new food for thought.”

Hoping the talk will be an eye-opener

Food for thought is exactly what Bidisha hopes the conference audience will gain from her talk. “I hope it will be an eyeopener for everyone in the room, whether they are developers, users, architects or tech leads, so they can all take a piece of the pie. Personally, I am looking forward to engaging with and learning from the audience. Ever since the first talk I did for an internal audience many years ago – which, to be honest, freaked me out, but was also extremely energising – I’ve loved presenting and sharing my insights with other people.”


  • Started her career as a computer science engineer in India, and has had multiple tech roles in the banking IT industry since then
  • Has been with ING since 2011, and the Global IT Lead Corporate Lending since April 2023
  • Has an almost five-year-old son
  • Loves dancing, singing (including karaoke), reading and running
  • Is a huge fan of the book ‘Think Again’ by Adam Grant: “It completely reframed my way of thinking.”

European Women in Tech will take place on 28 and 29 June in Amsterdam. 

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