Working at Tech: what we offer

Have the freedom to work in a way that works best for you. Empowered to design your work, to keep developing yourself and to steer your career. We’re forward-looking, open-minded, and up for discovering new things. Sharing what we know, asking questions, bringing our ideas to the table, that’s how we get the best out of each other. And we know we can achieve great things when we collaborate across borders. True collaboration means welcoming differences. Inclusion and respect for each other’s background is at the heart of our working culture.

Making impact

Imagine adding a feature to an app that is being used by millions of people, multiple times a day. What about seeing your squad’s front-end application being adopted for use in other countries? Or protecting ING’s infrastructure on a global scale against cyberthreats? We’re here to make impact. Using the latest technology and scalable platforms, all secure by design, we’re equipping customers to stay financially healthy and we’re helping to keep ING – and the entire financial system – safe, secure and reliable.

Challenge seekers wanted

We love a challenge. There are challenges wherever you look: cutting-edge technology, modular architecture, creating new app features, cloud technology and scalable platforms. All with the ambition of creating valuable interactions with our customers and set to the highest levels of security and ensuring 24/7 availability globally. That’s tech that matters. Life isn’t perfect, not even at ING. Yes, we face the challenge of regulations or processes that aren’t automated yet. But it makes us even prouder when we’ve achieved what we set out to do. With this dynamic culture comes a sense of pride and a passion for what we do.

Finding a work-life balance

At ING Tech we have a culture built on trust. Prefer to work from home or at the office? Early riser or night owl? Our hybrid way of working accommodates flexibility, as long as you participate as an active member of your team and make your contributions count. We give you the freedom to find the right blend of work life, home life and social life. It’s always a balancing act. As we say at ING: do your thing.

Did you know?

  • We serve around 37 million customers in over 40 countries
  • We’re using scalable technology – shared data lakes, infrastructure and reusable app components – to implement products locally
  • One third of our employee population works in Tech
  • Our open banking technology platform gives engineers access to almost 32 million customers
  • On our shared engineering platform, we can develop, test and deploy fully automated software across ING in a consistent and secure way

ING Tech Blog

Want to know more about the innovative technology projects our engineers work on? Check our Tech Blog on From artificial intelligence to testing and pipelines, and who knows what the future will bring?

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