Retail Banking traineeship

Retail Banking traineeship

Making an impact on society

Retail Banking is the public face for the majority of ING’s 34 million-plus customers worldwide, 8.9 million of whom are in the Netherlands. In this dynamic environment, our challenge is to ensure that we offer each of our customers the right product at the right time. We want to anticipate their needs, make life even easier for our customers and stay a step ahead of the market. We do so by continuously implementing smart yet subtle alterations that make a real difference. Because that’s the reality within Retail Banking: a small change can have a big impact, both for us as a bank and for our customers.

The Retail Banking traineeship: the route to a pivotal position within the bank

The Retail Banking track of the ING traineeship prepares you for a broad and varied career within the bank. Are you keen to tackle a variety of product management, marketing or sales-related projects? Or does the idea of improving processes within the Retail Bank spark your enthusiasm? The Retail Banking traineeship enables you to take your career in all kinds of directions. One thing is for sure: it’s a fast track to a pivotal role within the bank. Your work has a big societal impact because the results of your actions are highly visible.

Your first year: two challenging projects

Your HR trainee manager helps you to choose your first rotation, which lasts for six months. You set to work on a concrete retail banking-related challenge.

Just some examples of assignments include:

  • Working with developers to create a ‘New Home’ app where users can find all they need to know about buying a house.
  • Thinking up and developing an online platform for Private Wealth & Asset Management customers that matches investors with start-ups.
  • Digitalising the mortgage application process and making it faster, more transparent and more straightforward for our customers.
  • Optimising the customer screening process to support our ‘Know Your Customer’ activities.

During your first rotation you also work together with fellow trainees from other tracks on a group assignment to tackle a challenge that is relevant to our business. This gives you the opportunity to expand your network within ING, fine-tune your stakeholder management skills and learn more about yourself at the same time. The group receives guidance from an external coach. 

It’s up to you to arrange your second assignment. Now it’s a matter of using your network and your own initiative. We encourage you to gain international experience during this six-month rotation, if the circumstances allow it. For example, previous Retail Banking trainees have worked in Madrid, Milan, Vienna, Frankfurt or Paris.

Your second year: your third assignment and starting in a permanent role

You’re still in charge, your third rotation is arranged by you. Your HR trainee manager will help you in the decision making; will this last rotation be done to deepen knowledge of your business (within your track), of do you decide to do this rotation within a different track? Imagine: as an Analytics trainee you can gain experience as IT Engineer, or learn about one of our products or processes within the Wholesale Bank. Or as Retail Banking trainee, you can do a rotation within Risk or Operations & Change.  

A permanent role lets you go deeper into the field of retail banking right from the start. You expand your knowledge and hone your skills, while working on your further development as a Customer Journey Expert, for example. Alternatively, you could work as a Product Owner or Junior Relationship Manager.


The world needs to transition to a low-carbon economy and the financial sector has an important role to play in this. At ING we take that role seriously and want to be a banking leader in driving that transition. Our integrated approach to climate action* covers four priorities, for example steering the most carbon-intensive parts of our portfolio towards reaching net zero by 2050.

As a trainee, you will also contribute to ING’s sustainability goals. How? There are two ways to do this:

  1. One of your three rotations will be sustainability related. There are many options! You can join a Sustainable Finance team, work on financial health topics or join a Green Tech initiative.
  2. The other option is to do a (group) assignment, next to your rotation, on a sustainability related topic. The choice is yours.
* Society is transitioning to a low-carbon economy. So are our clients, and so is ING. We finance a lot of sustainable activities, but we still finance more that’s not. See how we’re progressing on

Training and coaching

The point of being a trainee is to develop yourself and learn a lot, and we offer you every opportunity to do so. Your HR trainee manager coaches you during your three rotations and helps you to get the maximum benefit from your traineeship. During your traineeship, you participate in two Global Trainee events together with all ING’s trainees – across all tracks – from around the world. The first event is at the start of your traineeship, the second event is towards the end of your two-year traineeship. The events are focused on developing your professional and personal skills. 

During your traineeship you follow a flexible training programme. For every traineeship we set one mandatory training, with content which is very relevant to your part of the bank. On top of this, you can follow two training courses that you’ll choose, which match with your rotation or permanent role.

Shaping the future of financial services

Do you want to learn about banking from start to finish, while also helping to deliver a top-class service level? Are you curious about people’s wants and needs and can you translate them into user-friendly and transparent products and cost-efficient processes? Do you want to make a real contribution to achieving our objectives and help to shape the future of financial services? If so, the Retail Banking traineeship at ING is ideal for you! 


Choose the Retail Banking traineeship at ING and allow your talent to flourish. Apply for the vacancy of Retail Banking trainee and convince us of your potential. If you’re successful you’ll be invited to take an online assessment, which is step 2 of the selection procedure for the International Talent Programme. 

You can find detailed information about the application and selection procedure here.

We can only accept complete applications, i.e. your CV and (provisional) transcripts of your bachelor and MSc grades at university level. It’s not necessary to upload a cover letter because you will be asked to answer questions about your motivation during the application process.


It's currently not possible to apply for the Analytics traineeship in 2024. Do you have any questions about the traineeship? Don't hesitate to contact Reinier Bekker:

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