Environmentally aware and socially engaged

Environmentally aware and socially engaged

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ING wants to help people get on in life, both personally and professionally. ‘Empowering people to stay ahead in life and business’ – that’s the ambition we are striving to achieve at ING. We do so not only by offering our customers the products and services that best suit their needs and by being a good employer for our employees, but also by contributing to initiatives outside of our bank. For us, it goes without saying that we must shoulder our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society. One of the ways we do this is by staying ‘close to the Netherlands’ through our personal involvement in countless activities that help people to stay ahead in various respects.

Sustainability is a given

For ING, it is a given that we take a sustainable approach to doing business. Evidence of that can be found in our office buildings and in our utilisation of resources. We strive to minimise our environmental footprint and we have been climate-neutral since 2007. We build sustainable relationships with our employees too. We facilitate them in allowing their talent to flourish, offer them lots of opportunities for personal and professional growth and create jobs for people who have become isolated from the labour market. Our agile approach to working makes us true pioneers; working at ING feels just like being at home. Sustainability is also a strong theme in our services. Our goal is sustainable banking. We help our customers to get – and stay – financially fit and we take a critical view of what we are and aren’t prepared to finance. Long-term relationships with our corporate clients and consumers – that’s what we are aiming for.

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Social engagement

ING is a Dutch bank that stays very close to its Dutch roots. That means that we play an active role in society in many different ways. We empower people to stay ahead through sponsorships and the ING Nederland Foundation.


We sponsor countless initiatives and activities in the areas of sport, culture, nature and entrepreneurship – not only financially, but also by providing tangible support in the form of knowledge and time.

- Sport: we sponsor the Dutch national teams (‘Oranje’) but also amateur football clubs and disability football. We help clubs to become financially fit. We are also active sponsors of golf. We make the KLM Open accessible for everyone and support young people who are keen to learn how to play golf.

- Culture: ING is a sponsor of the Rijksmuseum, Artis (Amsterdam Royal Zoo), the Drents Museum, De Kunsthal, the KunstBuzz art initiative for school pupils and the Flying Dutch festival, among others.

- Nature: We are main sponsor of Natuurmonumenten, the society to protect and preserve the Dutch countryside, and its youth scheme, OERRR.

- Entrepreneurship: In conjunction with the Dutch SME association (MKB-Nederland) we initiated Business Boost and we also support Oranje Handelsmissie Fonds, a Dutch foundation that helps small businesses to organise trade missions.

The ING Nederland Foundation: putting people first

This foundation was established in 2015 to support charities and good causes. The main criterion in qualifying for support from the ING Nederland Foundation is that people come first. The initiatives that we support contribute to society and help to make the Netherlands a better place to live. ING employees with suggestions for a good cause can of course apply for support from the ING Nederland Foundation. We strongly encourage our employees to do their bit for the community, and many of them do – such as by volunteering close to their home or workplace or by visiting local schools as guest lecturers to teach pupils about financial matters during National Money Week. They organise team outings with a community slant, cook at community restaurants (such as Resto van Harte) or volunteer with charity organisations that help the disabled (e.g. De Zonnebloem). 

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Empowering people to stay ahead

All of our sponsorship and support activities have one thing in common: they make people stronger and help them to get on in life.

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Banks in Classrooms

Marlène Stenvert-Bloemhard teaches two lessons at the Willibrordus primary school in Breukelen during the Dutch National Money Week.

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